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Arcane Barrier rework (Wind Wall)

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Apprentice currently has 3/4 elements covered with his towers, fire, earth and water.

Arcane Barrier just doesn't really fit in with the theme, nor is it really a very good tower (at least for most of the game)

I'd like to see a wind based barrier replace it, that is similar mechanic wise.

It starts as a wall, very similar to the current arcane barrier, but if it loses all its HP, it turns into a wind funnel, forcing the enemies that are currently in front of it backward and becoming a slowing field for all units moving toward it, but speeding up those moving away from it. At the end of the wave it remains as a "tower base" with 0 hp, so you can repair it instead of rebuilding it, and it loses all effectiveness until it is fully repaired, at which point it becomes a wall again.

Giving it an anti-ranged component (like reducing the damage it takes from ranged attacks and/or absorbing ranged attacks within a vicinity) could possibly make it competitive with the other barricades at the moment.

Hope you like the idea, and thanks trendy for a great update and for listening to the players recently :)

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