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Detailed Descriptions are on the way! -_-

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Hey guys, I've already done this thread once (probably almost a year ago) and it shocked me when i came back to play the latest patch that nothing had been done about it.

When you look at a hero description, on all the abilities and towers there is a little note saying "Detailed descriptions are on the way!"

I know that you are constantly changing, balancing and rebalancing stuff, but how hard would it be to put a small tooltip in there saying the explosive trap deals (TrapLVL*DP) damage with an attack rate scaling of X or the lightning aura deals (0.6*DP)+(0.3*DP per AuraLVL) and has an attack rate scaling of Y.

Its not a hugely important thing, but it would take such a small amount of effort and make me (and probably a whole bunch of other players) a bit happier.

I love to be able to look at a tooltip and think, OK, this is how I can get the most out of this tower.

So please trendy, these Detailed descriptions have been on the way long enough.

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