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Bugs and things which need fixing, also suggestions for improvement

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I was unsure about whether to post this here or the bug forum because there are some bugs and there are some "features" I don't really like. There will also be some general feedback. I figured it's all technically feedback but feel free to move it if you want. I'm sure most of these have been reported already but I figure it's one point in a list, it'll take me more time to search for all of them than it will take for you to just skip it. 

The list:

  • Hero swap bug - Obvious, I know you know. 
  • Hero Deck bug - A lot of the time my hero deck will be unavailable, even the filled slots will have the level requirement overlay thing on them. I can still swap heroes, but I can't add a new hero to the deck without some fiddling.
  • Level upgrade wheel skip function is weird - Seems to work only some of the time. I've resorted to just spamming the mouse button and that works fine but this should be improved at some point if only as a polish.
  • Auto-collect filter dropdown - The bottom options in the dropdown menu can't be used because when you move your mouse over the bag below the menu disappears. There are several filters I would love to use but can't atm. 
  • DPS gets blocked by other damage numbers on dummies - I literally don't know how much DPS my current bow does right now. I just can't see the DPS number because it gets drowned out by my hits. The dummies could be a really great and useful tool for testing things but they really need some work. Maybe a datasheet similar to the one you get when inspecting towers? At least make the DPS number get layered on top of everything else as soon as possible please. 
  • Some times the "Replay map" and "to Tavern" buttons don't work - At the end of a map I'll sometimes have to wait for the timer to run out because the two buttons just aren't clickable. This is especially annoying when farming harbinger easy.
I'll be updating this post with more things later.

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