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Favorite Trendy Video Quotes

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(comments on this odd thread to prevent the awkwardness)

cool story bro... ?

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Made up quotes: warning if you are under 13 this reply is not for
You. I assume no responsiblity for warping your fragile mind because you lied to yourself about your age. Thank you and have a nice day

Squire and apprentice "video? Camera?"

Huntress "yeah, video camera"

Monk "you know the thing our familiars carry around to record our adventures"

Squire "what in Sam hell is a video camera?

Apprentice "is it a spell?"

Huntress "it's a box like device that records in real time what you are looking at"

Apprentice "oh that's why I can't see crap half the time...
Where's my dragon I want to shoot something"

Monk "how do you know what it is?"

Huntress *blushes* "I did things I'm not proud of"

Squire "wow, ok so huntress is a slut, now monk how do you know"

Monk "it was my past life don't want to talk about it, in fact I would appreciate it very much If you would put some pants on, brings back horrible memories especially with those hearts."

Apprentice "aww does monkey want to talk about it."

Monk "this is why we monks have to take a vow of silence, so I start mine now"

Squire "damn just when it was getting good."

Apprentice "soo huntress tell us more about these acts you're not proud of, I'll show you my magic stick and squire will show you his sword"

End rated pg-13 material

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Huntress knows what video camera is cause of Pr0n.
People complaining about the camera views,
Monk knows what a video camera is cause of a past life since monks usually believe in reincarnation
Magic stick, sword = a males "tool" or organ

Please tell me you get it now haha
It would help if I had some visuals

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Haha I so would if people actualy liked it. I could make it a semi parody kn the stuff people are like WTF on

lmao. I have a mind with the same thinking as yours :P we could work on these quotes together!

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My style of made-up quotes.
****WARNING: The following contains explicit material for ages 13+. If you do not meet this requirement, please step away.

here it goes! (by the way its my first time so don't be so harsh if it wasn't that good)

~PART 2~

-the huntress tells the entire story of her shameful past, and occasionally, the squire and apprentice would go "OH! nice one sis! hahahaha"-

Huntress: Yeah...but all that is in the past...

Squire and Apprentice: (two second pause) DAMN!

Monk: -sigh- I am back.

Apprentice: OMG haha, Monk, you missed the whole story!

Squire: I know man! You should seen what huntress said! first she was telling us about-

"We're sorry, you have been disconnected from the number you were trying to connect to. Please come back and try again later."

NEW SCENE: Huntress fixes the camera, and squire and apprentice watch her as she fixes it (if u kno what I mean)


Apprentice: Oh shut up Monk, you should come and join us :)

Monk: I would not participate in such an inappropriate act!

Squire: Stop bein' a goody two shoes and come sit with us and watch her "fix" it.

-Monk goes to silence-

Huntress: I think I've fixed it..

Squire: How did you know how to fix it anyway?

Huntress: Like I told you, I've already been recorded on camera.

Apprentice & Squire: Hahahahaha! -high five-

huntress: it's getting old guys -.-

Squire: Oh yea? How much u wanna bet on that?

Aprentice: Oooohhh!!! hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Huntress: shut up >_>

-squire and apprentice high five each other again-

To be continued...

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Please tell me someone got the joke(s)

Got the joke, not funny. Maybe you and Bob Saget should do a dual standup special. You two combine should be, what, 1/16th of an Eddie Murphy?

I jokes, sorta...

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I'm worried that the visuals would shatter the shattered pieces of my once fragile mind.

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How is the monk talking if previous scene he started his vow

I thought he was silent! O.o brb gotta edit

EDIT: Yea he took a vow of silence, who said it would last for a long time?

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Lucky for some finally :P

although maybe I should add the reminder.. that these characters are kids <.

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