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Options for loot drops

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The current system, where loot drops most for the hero you're currently on has a negative side effect: tower builders are a huge, important part of the game, but they aren't particularly useful during the combat phase. And if they aren't out in the combat phase, they don't get much loot. And without the loot on your builders, its hard to progress up the difficulties. This likely contributes to the number of dps huntresses around.

There is talk now on the livestream today about opening up loot to drop for all in the hero deck, but spreading out the loot possibilities makes it harder to find the loot you want, and then we're sort of back in the loot and survive 6 bags of loot to find one possible upgrade scenario.

I propose instead, a checkbox on the hero deck, to select which heroes you want the loot to be focused towards.

So that for example, I could set up the towers, play my dps huntress in the combat phase, and get loot focused on my wall squire. Or my frosty mage. Or both.

Builders need loot too, but spreading loot across the whole hero deck waters down the sauce too much.

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