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After about a year or more of playing, here is my feedback

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I was a HUGE fan of DD1 and it was what sparked my interest in DD2.  I picked up one of the intro packs during a Steam sale and pretty much dropped all other games (was HUGE into BF4 at the time) to play this.  I will say that I have made the most of my purchase and even did another purchase (whatever the one before the bag buy was).  So, I feel like I have actually paid for a full length game now, and this is F2P?  So what have I gotten in return for my "support" of the game?  Let's see, I've gotten skins (some that I don't use), bags (gotta have room for all that crap gear so I don't miss out on the good gear), more hero slots (at one point, I was pretty much required to have a DPS hero to farm for tower gear, that changed back), and Carnival tickets (that got me more skins and golden old pets (one that I missed so was a little happy about that)).

Now, I don't know exactly how much time I have in this game (can't look it up right now).  But I can say that even in my casual gaming time (Usually Friday nights and Saturday night for 8 hours or more and other days for about an hour each), I have had enough experience to feel like I am knowledgeable about the game and able to give a valid impression.

First off, the good things that I feel about the game:

1.  Similar play to DD1 - It's the same 4 characters a little more grown up, you build towers on lanes depending upon the type of damage that is displayed for that lane.

2.  New maps -  design looks great, maps a pretty

3.  New weapons - Some cool looking designs and the passives add a little extra to game play

4.  Meet new friends - another great game with a social environment that allows you to meet like minded people from around the world.

And now the bad things:

1.  Gameplay - It's like they decided that DD1 was complete garbage and that it needed a total revamp in order for DD2 to be successful.  Unfortunately, I think you killed the beauty that was DD1.  DD2 plays a lot like it is the Alpha for DD1.  It also feels like the Devs are getting in their own way.  Less towers?  Why, so you didn't have to do a redesign or so you could cut out some of the UI?  I personally have fun playing this game, but at times I feel like I'm missing a tower that does one specific thing and some of the others I have are way too weak to do anything.

2. Maps - They are pretty, but it all feels like the same thing.  Put a wall here, put frosts behind the wall, stack traps at the edge of frosts, put up a Purge Evil Sere... oh wait, had to leave my Monk behind so that I could bring in my Melee Huntress to help with damage.  Which brings us to...

3. Hero Deck - WHY, WHY, WHY, was this thought to be a good idea?  To make it harder?  I would almost venture a guess that many of us who played DD1 would do a lot of soloing?  So why would the devs put the Hero Deck in that would LIMIT the amount of our heroes that we could use?  I bet it was to force us to be social when playing?  Ok I get it, we are gamers and aren't typically known for our social skills, but not something you should force on me when playing your game.  I've purchased almost all the hero slots that I can at this point.  I have 2 of each hero right now (1 tower, 1 melee except for Squire which is a Waller and a Tower), but I am ALWAYS missing one or the other.  I go into a social game and EVERYONE seems to bring the same thing with them, a waller, a traptress, a DPS Huntress, and either a Frost Mage or Serenity Monk.  Guess what, it usually happens that they, or I, left the one thing we needed out of our deck.  Great, now we have to leave the game, change our decks, figure out who has the best of each tower and then go back into the game.  WHY can't it be like DD1 where I can bring everyone in with me?

4.  Patches - I like that this game is patched often, it shows that it is actually being worked on, BUT has anything ever really been fixed?  

a. For Example:  Recently they patched in a way to skip the story scenes if you have seen them before, this isn't working.  I still have to click to skip the Harbinger and Liferoot scenes after completion of the map (2 that I have seen recently), but this was patched and I have the setting selected, why doesn't it auto-skip?  

b. Next issue with patches is when a change is reverted without player input.  You guys have a voting system on the Forum, is there a reason that we stopped using it?  If I could have used my influence vote on how gear is dropped, I would have voted to keep it as based on the hero you are using.  Why you ask?  Cause without that, I am not getting a bunch of JUNK that is not viable for ANY of my heroes.  Not to mention, I am back to having to sort through all of this 1 hero at a time rather than just swapping between the two heroes that would have been affected by the drops for the hero that I had in game.

EX:  When I first started playing, it was drop all gear or all heroes and drop a ton of it.  Next we decided that it should drop a ton of gear for the player that is in wave at the time of the drop, then we cut down on the amount of "trash" that was dropped (actually felt like they dropped more trash and less good stuff), and now we are back to drop a smaller amount of "trash" for all heroes.  There should have been a vote for this, plain and simple.  Now it takes way more time to farm gear and sort said gear for each hero again.  I liked it better when I was able to farm for a specific hero by leaving them out, regardless of how it affected my round, at least I got gear to drop.

c.  Gear drops on wave 1 were taken away.  Why was this thought to be a good idea, cause people were taking advantage of this to get upgrades without actually being able to beat the wave?  Isn't the point of the game to progress?  If I CANNOT get the gear from the level I am currently at and am able to beat it to completion, why would it not make sense for me to attempt the next level for better gear?  Taking away wave 1 drops killed all possibilities of progression for most of the casual gamers who are now stuck in NM3.

5. Passives - Great idea, but it really seems to be failing from what I read across the forum and reddit.  My major issue with it, is not knowing what the maxes are for each one.  I've come to figure out a couple (HB is 25% max per piece, except swords doesn't get it), but really there should be some sort of KEY or Something that tells you what each passive does specifically, what the max is and what pieces it can be found on.  A definition of what it does is another piece of info.  I know that it says does X% to Y, but how does that affect certain towers?  Does Tripwire work on non-trap towers?  If not, is it just a blank stat on a non-trap hero?  Just one example of the type of questions I have seen.

6. Harbinger level - My god, who designed when the pop ups would show up?  Sometimes I have cleared out the Harb before the pop up even makes sense anymore.  Also the final scene, even if I pass on it (click mouse), I still have to sit and wait that extra time.  Big pain, otherwise, it's a really cool level.

7. "Special Weapons" - Where can I get these certain weapons?  I've been told that some levels have specific, almost game changing, weapons.  But this isn't written anywhere in game for me to see.  There should be something that when I click on the level, it lets me know if there special weapons that I can get only on that level, and anything else that might be noteworthy.

8. Unbalanced towers - It seems rather insane to me that I can have two equally equipped Tower Builders, but they do so much different damages.  If I have cannons that do as much dmg as my traps, shouldn't it be possible for me to do the same amount of damage regardless of which I go with?  "Balance" so far has pushed everyone to a certain build, and in order to be successful, you have to replicate that build.  That's not at all what DD1 was like.  Sure you had people doing the same build here and there, but we were still capable of trying other towers and being successful, unlike in DD2.  Sure I can still try a different build, but 9/10, it will fail, especially in a solo match.

9. Player input - Only a bad thing because it really isn't being taken into account.  I've seen things requested time and again on the forums to be fixed that are still around months later.  Devs say it is a "known issue," but we never hear an update on what has been done to correct it.  Many active players have complained about the Hero Deck, but a small survey was taken and those people go to decide, why didn't we do an influence vote for this?

I'm sure I can/will think of more things for both sides, but this should be enough for the Devs to mull over for at least one active players perspective.  The game has its faults, we all know that.  But I will continue to play and hope that it gets better.  One thing I will NOT be doing, for the foreseeable future, is purchasing more "packs."  Until this game begins to improve and requests from regular gamers are actually given reason as to why or why not something is/isn't viable then I will not give anymore money to TE.  You can check my Steam account and see the purchases I've made.  So you can see that I have supported you from my end, but until you make improvements that are game fixing and not just adding another coat of paint, I won't be assisting with my monetary "investments."

Good Day sir.


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Pretty much hit the nail on the head. 

I can't speak for why influence votes stopped being a thing, but I can't say some were really all that useful in the first place. 

The community hasn't really been a part of the development at all, despite what has been claimed.

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Overall a good post that I hope Trendy will see. Point I agree and disagree with but that can be seen all over the forums so no need to repeat it here.

I wouldn't be surprised if we don't get influence votes anymore. Elliot seems to have a vision that he is trying to bring to life and we will play our part via forum feedback posts and bug reports. 

Personally I'm fine with that, the company now has a clear path forward with Elliot at the helm so we don't need to be choosing X or Y anymore. We are here to test and report on things we don't like.

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The thing that peeves me the most about DD2 thats really preventing me from playing more is your first point. Gameplay. DD1 did it sooooo correctly in almost every way. Just the sheer amount of base stats that you got on weapon and armor and how awesome the loot system was really blows DD2's system out of the water. It's too simplified towards casuals. Never once in DD2 have i had a moment where i fall out of my chair just looking at the stats on a piece of gear that was dropped. It's far too bland. Theres zero excitement in gear drops AND THATS BAD IN A LOOT BASED GAME.

Some people will argue "oh but you get passives which equates to more than DD1 had." No. Just no. A passive is not a stat, its an augment and its random. DD1's end game gear pretty much rolled almost every stat possible for the gear type and no stat was useless. In DD2 why would you want to roll a range passive that gives such a small boost that it doesnt make a difference over something like frosty? You dont. Ontop of that if you had all of the same type of gear on you got a bonus to all stats up to +40%. 

Pets too. Zero excitement when it comes to pets. You get one and its pretty much the same as every other. Just slightly different utility. DD1 did pets correctly. Each one had a specific use and was extremely useful.

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