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Armor Resistance Calculator

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Since the contract on the DDFRBR website has (presumably) expired and the armor calculator is gone, I made my own on Excel so that we aren't down a useful utility.

Link: (Version 1.1 as of February 22, 2016)



  • Due to it being in Excel, it is not as flexible as FRBR's calulator. Low upgrade Mythical armor will cause it to give... interesting results.
  • Can handle 4 hero stats as opposed to FRBR's 3
  • Let me know if you run across any bugs/results that seem wrong and I'll see if I can sort them out.
  • Due to iterative upgrades being a royal pain, it upgrades resistances differently to FRBR's calculator. Keep this in mind when looking at non-resist capping peices.
  • This calculator does not take into account the 42 / 42 / 42 / 38 pattern of Transcendent armor


  • February 22, 2016; Version 1.1: Fixed an issue with Poison resist Calculation

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