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This is how I see the conversations leading up to the firing going.

*Cut scene to previous days, overlain with a nostalgic old film filter*

Middlemen like ipassbutter: Hey, a lot of people seem to hate things like the hero deck. Maybe we should you know, remove it. Maybe. Pretty much everyone has been asking for it to be removed.
Upper Management:  I don't understand.
Middlemen: Well, see, it seems to be impacting the actual fun and strategy of the game. Currently both slots for making characters and for bringing into a map are both limited at the same time. It doesn't make sense to anyone.

Upper Management: Well yes, but that brings in money. Try telling them to enjoy it instead.
Middlemen: But that doesn't make sense.
Upper Management: Do you... do you HATE money?
Middlemen: I feel like we're not having the same conversation here.

Upper Management: Yeah, sure. Anyways, sales look a little low. Put twelve more income sources in by next month. Push back some balances and core development to make that happen. Pick something pretty. Skins maybe. Everyone likes skins.
Middlemen: Maybe we could increase income by working on what the players want. You know. Long term.

Upper Management: Sure. What do the players want?
Middlemen: They want hero slots. Both the kind for making the actual hero, and for bringing them into maps to play.
Upper Management: So... let's make them pay for it.
Middlemen: You mean the hero deck we already have? That they say they hate in pretty much every post and email?
Upper Management: What do you mean, they're getting to pay for exactly what they are asking for. We're doing great. They love it. God, developing is so hard. I need a pay raise. We should do some cutbacks since I'm doing all the work anyways. How about we cut everyone not used to making skins.

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Upper Management: Oh, and make sure we keep most maps small with one, maybe two turns before an objective. Gotta be more like an fps. First person shooters are so IN right now. Did we put in a mandatory auto fire toggle yet? Just make sure all weapons have the same stats first. Nerf everything considered 'best and popular', so we can sell weapon skins later.

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