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Hotfix 10.3 for Steam

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players could not properly feed their pets.

  • Fixed an issue where the Carnival Map was consuming Daily Win bonuses.

  • Fixed a tooltip issue with the Popcorn Machine buff.

  • Fixed a mesh issue with the Squire’s Carnival costume.

  • Changed a text issue with the Carnival Ogre Boss’s HP Bar.

  • Fixed an NPC lighting issue.

  • Fixed a collision issue in the Heroes Marketplace.

  • Fixed a debug text issue at the Enchantress.


Known Issues

  • Some players are reporting a black screen in the Tavern. We think we have a memory leak somewhere and are looking into it. 
  • Defense icons on the Minimap are blinking when they shouldn’t be blinking. Stop blinking! Why won’t you stop blinking? *cries*

  • The "A" button on the Controller is not properly interacting with objects.

  • Enemy icons on the minimap are not using the proper colors.

  • The Harbinger’s death touch has infected the water in Nimbus Reach,  turning it black as night. Drink up!

  • In the Forgotten Ruins, the Harbinger’s infection is so bad the water is just flat out gone.

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