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A new take on Passives

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Not a rant, but rather my suggestion to make passives tidier, more meaningful and therefore more enjoyable. Most if not all of these ideas could also be applied to skill spheres however that is a topic for another thread. 

Currently I feel a sort of untidiness and redundancy regarding passives on gear, particularly armor.  We have passives which act just like stats. If you look at 'Tripwire' , 'Pyromania' , 'Power Pole' , 'Full hearts' and other passives you will see the pattern. All these passives do, in reality, is just increase the scaling of the respective tower or ability. Now as a player, when I think of a passive, I think of a bonus that affects my hero or tower in a unique way. I think that removing these passives (and adding them back as part of the actual hero scaling) would really clean up passives to the point where you can put more interesting passives in their place. Again, as the player I couldn't be bothered for +x% damage on y tower. I would rather see more 'satisfying' passives. After all isn't that what we want? Satisfying loot?

I also think the same thing could be applied to the 'Build' passives for Spike Blockades and Poison Dart Towers. It would feel much more fluid in regards to building characters if we weren't tied to this rather rigid limitation. I do really like these builds but I do feel that these passives control the hero that uses it and not vice versa. I would like to see these builds act more like 'the cherry on top'. It would gives players a lot more freedom when in deciding how they want to utilize that character. Right it passives just seem to overpower any sort of fun when looking for gear.

There are really not that many passives left without these ones, which I think goes to show how interesting and dynamic passives really could be. I would like to see passives that behave like 'mini builds' rather than stat boosters. Just as an example of this would be a passive that (deals a small amount of damage in a small area around targets hit by towers). I think this could be very dynamic. It gets you to think "Would it help cannons clear goblins? Sounds like it would work very well with AoE towers. But wait? Does it synergize with the frost tower? I gotta try that!". For me that is a fun way to compare passives.

That being said, having a very few passives could make diversity stale until more are added, but I do think that making new passives that are usable by all heroes is a much better idea than creating '1-trick ponies' for each and every tower.

TL;DR - Passives have so much potential but most of them are lame and just aren't fun to farm. I also want to hear about your opinions on passives.

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