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Is there a certain pet or pet with ability that I should be trying to get?  Is there one that everyone should level up? 

I got one with curse.  I have not had a chance to test it out yet.

Also looking for people to run NM levels with.

Ab0minati0n55 - psn


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Curse aura (creepers) is probably the best ability, IMO.  Obviously the speed is nice.  It gimps enemy damage significantly for nearby enemies, so you can tank anything just about.  With serenity aura I can tank multiple ogres in NM4 easily on any toon.  Hex is a weaker curse, but still useful for the same reasons.

Encourage (gato) gives lots of mana.  Currently trying to get that for a DPS toon and I think it'd be great for ability spam.

I have dragon's breath (dragon) and haven't gotten to test it out much, but it shoots a small fire cloud in all directions.  I think comboed with oiling strikes it would be very nice on a dps.

I've heard stinky pits is very good, loads of stun.

Many people like poison tips for dps, that takes an earth pet I believe.

There are definitely a lot of abilities that I don't know what they do.  Just got sparkle party on my premium cat and can't figure out (even via google) what it does.  If anyone could let me know that'd be great. :)

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