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[Arcane Vault] Polybius Series

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Hello again brave defenders. I come to you today with more scrolls from the arcane vault! We have gathered a collection of the scrolls that are rumored to summon items from the Polybius event arc. Will rng deem you worthy of such a scroll? Enter to find out! However just like the last vault these scrolls are no different. You will need an item with the same fabrication as the fabled event item you desire in order for it to be summoned.

How to enter: Post below by Sunday, January 10th 21:00 UTC-5  that you would like to enter the giveaway . Simple as that! Then start farming the core drop version of the fabled event item that you would like to win.

How to win: 5 winners will be drawn randomly from all the entries. Each winner can choose one item from the Polybius event arc as their reward and will then trade a core drop version of that item to me to perform the summoning.

How to claim your prize: Once winners are announced you will have 3 days to claim your prize. Which means you will need to have your core drop version already farmed. (You can acquire your item before the drawing to be prepared in advance, in fact I recommend it.)

 If  you show up without a core drop version then your winning entry will be deferred to the next participant.

For those who don't know, below is the Polybius series and underneath will be listed the item names:


Shield of Mirrors
Captain Djinns Hat
Bling! Bling! Bracers
Terras Malachite Brooche
Odins Mask

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I'm in.


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Allright! It's time to farm some lab! Hold on...


Now I should be good. This is m3rc entering btw

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count me in my aquatic friend.

odin mask hype (thanks god i farm lab and have like 100 already sitting in box)

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