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Merry christmas everybody :D [Prizes Revealed!]

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This givaway will be simple. This givaway will be cool. This givaway will have 24 new patch celebration hat given away!!!!! As well as some mana prizes, coals and more! 

The rules are simple. I took some pictures of presents builded around winter wonderland, and I've putted some numbers on them. You'll have to choose one number on ONE picture. There will be 7 pictures, with different ammount of gift in them. I'll have a list written with all the prizes relied to all the gifts in question that only me will know about until december 25th, where I'll post it and you'll all know what you'll won. 

To enter, simply write your steam username, and give me a link to your profile, with the # of the picture you're choosing your gift in, and then the # of the gift you choose in the picture. 

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Ulticontra: 4-4

Johan kid: 3-1

Arcama89: 3-3

Veetoo: 1-12

Sox207: 2-7

Butterflyboy: 7-3

Tears: 6-3

ziglasdk: 4-2

Dualclass: 7-7

barz743: 2-2

BorchTrzyKawki: 1-9

LiquidLuck: 2-4

Ashwolf: 6-4

ThePretzel: 5-1

AcePoe97: 1-1

Kirby Embraced {sa}: 6-2

bergzwerver: 1-5

mkjo: 7-10

xoolander: 1-7

liam0803: 1-8

nickdigger106: 7-1

Genetycs: 5-3

Bryndomonium: 5-2

ady_1: 5-4

Atherial: 1-4

danydachamp: 4-3

kashifamaan: 7-8

Purepwnage0021: 1-6

Kirbykiller: 2-1 

OtterDarkness: 7-9

curtisgk: 6-1

djrandyran: 4-1

Mashka: 2-8

harry4550: 2-6

Akasame: 1-10

Madawk: 1-11

The Real Atlas: 7-6

Firestarshadow: 2-5

Thundertaz: 7-4

wisi777: 3-2

Tora: 2-3

Scythera: 7-2

Person Man: 1-3

Miss Mighty: 7-5

mbkiller67: 3-4

Sir Pancakez: #7-2 and 7-5 were taken. 1-2 was removed from taken list by a mistake of mine and is the last one remaining by default. Since sir pacakez was technically the last on to enter, he'll have 1-2. 

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Well hello there and merry christmas to you as well, Oli.

How about #3 - 1?

Oh btw if that is not the magicite let me chose another one ;)

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Merry xmas Oli and Merry X mas to all defenders  

[[9576,hashtags]] (hope for a new Celebration, love those hats more than the old ones) :D

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Srry about that oli my entry is 7-3 and my steam profile is butterflyboy12


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Neat idea



Merry Christmas defenders

EDIT: Too much early Christmas Spirit for me and I missed this being taken

7-10 for me please

Thx Santa [Oli] for the heads up

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