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Overpowered Enemies - Why?

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You know the crystal burrowing things? Why.

They regenerate health, meaning you need to nuke them down!

But, wait! If you're Hero-Built, that means your defenses will go down before you can do that!

But wait, there's more! If you're Defense-built, you won't deal enough damage to them, since they're healing, to actually kill them before at least part of your defenses go down!

And the healers.

Don't even get me started; I was facing down a group of 6 healers earlier on a Hero-Build, and I just got wrecked. I dealt surely 12k damage every second, but they healed for 7-12k, and I just got overrun before I could thin their numbers, ending up with me losing that match.

I very much support the notion to increase the difficulty of the game, but, It is important to note that extremely difficult enemies does not make It more fun. 

I've been on the verge of just alt-f4ing out every time I see three Crystals (Tell me their names If you know them.) and two healers, because I know I lost that line of defense (Even with 2-3 people on my team. Not that you can rely on pubs.)

The rest? I'm mostly fine with; Sure, the dragons are incredibly powerful and extremely annoying, but easy enough to kill because they're not regenerating health. Even on Easy, I find myself annoyed with the Crystal things. Oh, It may not kill my defence, but they're still annoying.

In general, I think you need to do one of two things; Reduce the amount they heal, actually, better would be to just remove the healing factor.

Looking at the Wiki, they're apparently called Witherbeasts, and have no healing factor. Since they healed on Campaign - Normal, maybe It is a bug? I do not rightfully know.

And the healers are called Dark Mages - These I know heal, because they're amongst the biggest reason that defences go down; Healing.

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I agree that those are some of the toughest enemies around and they can be incredibly frustrating, but on the other hand they do add a nice bit of variety to the game :)

Plus, if you've played dd1 then you know that there are far worse things than whitherbeasts :P

Sharkens were my personal pet peeve, they would hide way out of reach of your defences then charge straight through while moving anything they come into contact with to one side. They would literally move your walls out of the way so the enemies could flood in :O

Then there were the genies, who could de-summon your defences mid-wave for a similar effect. Plus spiders... those things would useless-ify your defences and attacked fast...

Whitherbeasts and (to a lesser extent) dark mages may add difficulty, but at least they are somewhat manageable :)

The trick to the whitherbeasts is to spot them early and/or have traps around the point where they burrow. They are incredibly predictable and will (almost) always burrow in the same place for a particular defence setup. Plus they take a lot more damage while they are above ground.

As for the dark mages, I find the biggest issue is that they linger out of range of towers, if you use knockback and/or luring to get them in range they go down very quick, even in groups of them :D If that fails, just keep whacking them anyway, they can't attack or summon while they heal and they despawn if they're the last ones left...

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It's insane that you have two creatures that can heal themselves/their allies. I'd say remove the whitherbeasts healing factor and just leave that to those annoying dark mages. Also, cut down on the number of beasts. Seeing three of them all bunched up together in a giant circle-jerk of hate and annoyance really  turns you off from the game.

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