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  • Several Passives now appear on more item slots in smaller amounts:
    • Superconductor (Ability Cost)
    • Channel (Mana Regen)
    • Tripwire (Explosive Trap Damage)
    • Pyromania (Flameburst Damage)
    • Vector Corrector (Defense Range)
    • Radiance (Aura Range)
    • Amped Up (Lightning Aura Rate)
    • Power Pole (Pole Smash Damage)
    • Full Hearts (Sword Beam Damage)

  • Passives Updated / Replaced:
    • Jackpot - Random chance to quadruple gold earned from any source; replaces Leprechaun (Double Gold), Pickpocket (Gold From Hero Kills), and Mercantile (Gold From Defense Kills) on future items.
    • Construction (Build Rate) updated to encompass both Construction and Service Call (Repair/Upgrade Rate) effects; Service Call will no longer drop.
    • Finglonger (Defense Interact Range) has been removed.
    • Experience-increasing passives have been disabled from all future items.
    • Mana Bomb Cooldown is now Mana Bomb Damage.

  • New Basic Passives Added:
    • Iron Core - Increases Cannonball and Heavy Cannonball Damage
    • Shrapnel - Increases Concussive Shots and Sticky Nades Damage
    • Starlight Burst - Increases Arcane Volley Damage

  • Several Passives rebalanced to scale to much higher values at higher iPWRs:
    • Retribution (Damaged Reflect)
    • Conflagrate (Damaged Fire)
    • Regeneration (Health Regen)
    • Life Leech (Hit Heal)
    • Heavy Toe

source: http://theharbingerawakens.dungeondefenders2.com/

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Just made a thread were we can compile all this data, please check it out!


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