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Absolutely thrilled with the harbinger fight

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Disclaimer: This post is targeted directly at the harbinger fight when done correctly the way I believe it was intended and does not address any of the other issues that have arisen from the patch.

Dear trendy! I'd like to say that i'm thrilled with the way the harbinger fight was designed. Can't say I've had as much fun trying to down a boss in a game for a long time. I kinda got that "going for world first" feeling you used to get when raiding at high level, which is awesome.

So the patch goes live and my friend and I immediately go into the harbinger as a duo on nm4. Takes us a couple of hours to learn all the mechanics and get our upgrades / placements right. After this we realise we need to keep the core near to full health in order to have enough time to kill him in the last phase. This involved killing all fliers with the cannon and dpsing him fast enough in phase 3 that he doesn't hit the core too much. We had about 3-4 sub 1m wipes which were devastating but we knew that when we wiped it was because we ***ed something up, we weren't giving ourselves enough time to beat the enrage. Surely enough we eventually managed to get the kill but only by a fraction! Both our dps huntress are almost maxed pre-patch with poison tips and we started wave 4 with about 920k on the core and didn't have a single death but by the end I think the core had about 50k left to go. This feeling of overcoming the difficult challenge that was created was fantastic, for the most part of the time playing I had forgotten there was even a loot drop from the boss and was so focused on killing him that it was just an all around epic experience.

Now I know that so many people are just cheesing the *** out of the boss by using dragolich to pretty much bypass all the damage needed but regardless I feel sad that those people would complain when the fight is so amazing when you play it the way intended. I think the main thing to take away from this boss is that having the players play such a huge part in the overall success of the defence is fantastic and if stuff like this is implemented in future bosses / maps then the future of content for dungeon defenders 2 is certainly bright.

Thanks again Trendy!

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