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[Early Access] Loot & Survive Hotfix 2

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Here are the hotfix notes for PS4!

Bug Fixes

  • Pets can now be equipped in the Forge.
  • Hero cards are now properly being swapped out when in the Hero Deck.
  • Action bar corrected for pet vendor interactions.
  • The item enhancement animation can now be skipped.
  • Skipping a video no longer triggers a hero ability.
  • Inventory navigation cleaned up.
  • Pet stable navigation cleaned up.
  • Costume navigation cleaned up.
  • Evolve button is now disabled when pet is max evolved.
  • Difficulty icon in HUD fixed.
  • Inventory correctly showing iPWR instead of iLVL.
  • Inventory correctly shows valid sell values.
  • Players in split screen should no longer receive confirmation messages when one of them transitions.
  • Quest panel now displays correct quest in split screen.
  • Quest paths now display properly in split screen.

We're aware of the other issues being reported to us! We'll address them after our holiday break. Thanks for helping us improve the game, Defenders!

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