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CDT Update 1 Feedback Thread

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@anotherengineer quote:

Wish I could do WW solo with 3 AFK's at all in NM, let alone in 20 min :O

If you are able to earn 6b mana on the invasion then ww is a cakewalk :)

@Veetoo quote:

I do WW in 45 minutes but I go AFK after wave 11 or 12 (depends on my chats :) ) I was never a fan of speed builds, I rather go slow, steady and with no fuss ;)

Well not really a "speed" build. Just regular, sitting AFK on my minions, g'ing and fighting bosses at the end.

BTT: Jack-in-the-Box mutates to my favorite tower :o Well done!

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@CrzyRndm quote:

@anotherengineer quote:

Hi Team,

Think I found a possible bug.  I went to upgrade a Monk Wep last night that only had '1' for projectile damage and it would NOT upgrade.   Item was farmed off some survival awhile ago.

Pics links.



There is a fix for items spawning with dud stats coming through for the next update. Not a lot I can do about items that already got hit by the bug (I *can* fix some stats retroactively for upgrading, but you're still left starting from 1 so there isn't a lot of use in doing so)

No worries about the wep, I upgrade melee and gave it away to help out someone.  As long as the bug get identified and fixed that's all that really matters.


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