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[CLOSED] Asswolf's Ult armor and Obsidian cleanup auction

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Hi guys!

Ready for another round of leftover and new ult armor, with added obsidian weapons

Please leave a bid on any items you are interrested in, together with the amount of ups it has

Please excuse my lack of better screenshot posting


Accepted currency:

Coal 6/1 cubes worth.


Diamonds (5/10/15)

Lab Assault runs: 1:15 cubes worth.


(PS. The auction will run untill sunday 13-12-2015)

^357 Ult plate helmet 1 cube.

1 coal on 345 up mail boots

^421 ult plate gloves - 2 coal

ulti+ mail gloves 315 ups 3 coals.

- Ashwolf

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