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CO OP ISSUES Loot and Survive (all the bugs)

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Butter and Timmy Trash, I found more for you:

Just what I have noticed over the weekend (this is for Co Op Only, I don't play open gaming):

Player one can pick whatever they like for a mission before Player two joins in the Social Tavern, However once Player two joins Only the first mission or "Random" can be selected. Only solution is to have Player two drop and Player one pick the level and wait for the other to join again.

Several levels have bad data in the floating bar. I.e. The Ramparts and Forest Crossroads both reported we were on Stage 1 of 2 and had 1000 enemies. No matter what stage we were on, and no matter how many we had killed.

Player two still has menus it takes Player one pressing "circle" to get out of the menu. Like Lockboxes.

Lockboxes cost Player one one key and 150. For Player two it displays he needs two keys and/or 512 Gems.

Epic items display "NOTAGSTAT %"... and more gibberish about half the time when dropped.

I'm sure there were others but it's pointless to keep listing at this stage.

My suggestion. Flog the QA team harder. :)

Edit: Typo correction.

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Just hurts to do Split-Screen at this stage of development to be honest. I wonder if there is a chance the PS4 development team will ever do a hotfix only based on Split-Screen. Hopefully Split-Screen won't stay as broken as it is now, all the way up until the beta patch releases, or perhaps the full base game releases :s

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I can confirm each of those issues! There are some more:

* When trying to join a public match, it will not consider the second player when searching for open slots. For example, sometimes I'll end in a match with 3 other people, and the second player will not be able to join. The other day I was in a couch coop and another friend (on another ps4) on the group. When trying to quick match, we ended in a match with 2 other people, meaning that there was only room for me and my friend, and not for the second player on my ps4.

* Sometimes when trying to add a split screen, it will say that "The match you tried to join is currently unavailable". Sometimes when it works, the second player screen will be black.

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