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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals and Door Prizes

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In honor of Thanksgiving weekend and the American tradition of going out the next day to take advantage of all the deals, I figured we should have our own Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

So here are some of the items featured in today's giveaways.


The Big Deal of the Weekend

We have a great deal on a Greater Magicite going on now until Monday.  Make sure to take advantage of this special opportunity while you can. This of course will be a random drawing.  

How to enter?  To enter into the drawing just post below

How to increase your chances of winning?  Up to 5 extra entries into the drawing can be purchased from myself with Ult++ Lab Weapons.  Send me a pm on the forums or steam with pics of your weapons to get your tickets.

Door Prizes

All who post will be entered into the drawing for the following items.

  • Mana Master
  • Pumpkin King Staff
  • Vamp's Delight
  • Ult Tower Set
  • Double Cap Diamond
  • Non Cap Diamond

Special Giveaway

Dungeon Defenders 1 Collection

If you are in need of some DD1 content, please feel free to post that you would like to be entered into the Special Giveaway below.  A winner will be randomly selected out of those who posted that they want to be entered into this giveaway as well.

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Why not. I'll send you some screenshots later on since I've been hoarding ++ weapons just for the sake of something to use my mana on.

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Nice idea and giveaway. Never heard about black Friday until steam told me about it. Not entering by the way :)  good luck all.

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I think I have some ult ++ for those who need it...

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