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So what's the best way to get Gold in DDII

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As I've got 4 Builder Heroes to Lv50 Emoji_Apprentice.pngEmoji_Squire.pngEmoji_Huntress.pngEmoji_Monk.png and started to gear up for breaking into the (Solo) Nightmare Difficulties of the game. It got me thinking how much gold I'm going to need to need to do it. I've spent a fortune so far getting spheres with a ton still to go and with the challenges been beaten at a quicker rate than I would of thought it means I will be running out of quick gold injections. It led me to searching the forums for the best means to do it. There have been some useful post here but not one that has majority of the info in one place. I also noticed how people who were talking about how they got gold never mentioned  at what stage they were in the game or what there main use for gold it. 

So what I'm asking for is 

  • What sort of gold are you making on an average play?
  • What are you spending that gold on?
  • At what sort of place are you in the game?
  • What you are doing to earn gold and are you having fun doing it or just grinding?

Personally myself playing Insane difficulty with under levelled gear but finding it a breeze but not wanting to make too big a jump into higher levels just yet. I'm wanting to try and make the game last longer so I don't burn out and give trendy a chance to make more content to keep things fresh. 

Skill Spheres

  • (M) Gold Bonus Sphere I: Increases Gold gained by 10%
  • (M) Gold Bonus Sphere II: Increases Gold gained by 20%
  • (M) Gold Bonus Sphere III: Increases Gold gained by 30%
  • (M) Gold Bonus Sphere IV: 15% chance for enemies defeated by Heroes to drop 100 extra gold.

The skill spheres will only give a boost to the active Hero with the Skill Sphere equipped. This wont pass onto any players playing with the hero with the Sphere equipped or any other hero in the Hero Deck if they are switched out. 

Gold Bonus Sphere IV will give you a chance for enemies to drop 100 Gold when killed by a Hero. Sadly it doesn't get effected by the other Gold Bonus Spheres. It does how ever count any kills done by other Heroes you may be fighting with. It is better to fighting along side 3 other players if you are using this one then.

Passives Abilities 

  • Pickpocket - Enemies defeated by Heroes yield X% more Gold.
  • Mercantile - Enemies defeated by Defences yield X% more Gold.
  • Leprechaun - X% chance to double Gold you collect.

The Pickpocket Passive can be obtained on Weapons, Chest, Boots, Gloves and helm gear.  This passive is the one that you will want to have on all your gear when using the (M) Gold Bonus Sphere III and the (M) Gold Bonus Sphere IV to yield the most out of them particularly the latter.

The Mercantile Passive should be used with (M) Gold Bonus Sphere III and downwards if you are thinking of letting your Defences do all the work and AFK while watching Netflix or something like that.  You'll be able to get this passive on chest, Boots, Gloves and Helm but sadly not on your weapon. (It doesn't matter whose defence killed the enemies you will get the bonus for it and map wide).

The Leprechaun Passive can only be obtained on the Chest gear but is super useful when coupled with (M) Gold Bonus Sphere IV as it gives you the chance of doubling that 100 Gold when you collect it. This passive will activate as you are collecting your gold during a wave and will only factor in the gold you are currently gaining and not all your gold for the map.

On a side note in order to receive any of the bonuses for these passives the Hero has to be active during the game.

This is a working progress and as much information would be useful such as what are the max percentages that can be rolled on a set of gear for a passive or something else I'm missing. Thanks in advance for any information, advice or details. The post may be gobbledygook atm due to me writing this late and probably should of gone to sleep a few hours ago.

If people want once the information part of this up to scratch it can be put into a separate post as a guide.

P.S. It may also help if people mention where they are in the game so I can separate the guide into what you should be doing to earn gold while still having fun with the game and not solely grinding. Just a thought. 

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Hu; that was so long i had to eat that post made me hungry.

so, am playing only nm4 / nm4 inc, have 9 chars, i know u don't care, but it has to mentionned, dps + builder for each one.

first fact, the gold u win by selling items for a nm4 run is like 15k. for an insane run it's half money. so, more difficult, more cash; ez.

Then, u have secondary stats on items, for example for canons squire, u have stat like 20% to make em drop more gold.

u have stats augmenting gold dropped while defeating by towers.

not really usefull, imo. i don't notice a huge difference with or wihtout, and better to have usefull stats in nm4.

my dps dudes are making so much dmg that i don't need to have spheres to increase dmg to air. so i put spheres to have more gold, but again, it's not so much gold.

friends said that for hordes rounds in unslaught, when u have 3*1000 mobs to kill, set sphere for ennemies defeated by heroes, made gold rain from the sky, and for a round it's like 10k gold. I never tried it, but if u should go for it.

then, what to do with gold, had 3millions, perfect items, making em to max lvl cost me 1million, that was too much, for the slow increase i get in dmg. 

so, fuse items 2/3 times max, and weapon a bit more because u can get +100 in a stat for 1/43 wep to 43/43 wep for example. a bit more for medaillon too.

buy spheres that are usefull (like drench for huntress).

and u're done with gold, then take a bath with it.


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Thanks for the info [[81114,users]] and sorry for writing so much. I've got a DPSer waiting in the ranks to be levelled up for when I need her but shall be putting aside gear for her as I'm looking for the others. I didn't know Nightmare gave you so much in item sales. At least I know the Gold is going to be scaling up as I play. Its also good to know the higher powered gear is more worth while enchanting as it gives you decent stat increases for doing it.

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If you need a lot of gold quickly, I believe gold bonus sphere IV can be pretty potent. The gold reward is independent of enemy level(I think), so equipping that, going into an easy/normal map and sitting by the main objective on a huntress shooting each lane will rack up the gold.

If a map has 1000 enemies, and they only die to hero attacks, that is 15000 gold from a run.  Alternatively, you could probably run some normal content with a DPS hero, and just swap out one medium sphere for that and still get some extra gold that way.

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Here's a good one..

If I'm playing with another player and they have the 15% to drop 100 gold sphere on when killed by a hero does that now mean that I have 30% for 100 gold to drop? Same question for the 30% increase in gold, would it now be 60% or are these spheres only supported for each individual character? I'm asking because when I have the 100 Gold sphere on and another hero kills an enemy I can sometimes get the 100G drop. I'll be testing it now

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When both players in a map have the 15% 100 gold drop sphere essentially it does stack as long as you have 2 dps heroes.  Whatever each hero kills has a 15% chance to drop 100 G for the other hero and vice versa. So 4 players with the sphere = lots of gold on goblin onslaught.

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