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Arcane Wall Change

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Currently walls are of an extreme necessity. However, health is currently the only feature in a wall. Push back does literally nothing, and is normally more harmful than good on arcane walls, and non wall builds like poison tower require highly specific sets.

So. Instead of making arcane wall compete on the health level, it can be useful in other ways. Examples:

Mirage Wall: The Arcane Wall forms two ghost walls on either side of it, enemies collide with it but heroes can pass. These fake walls take no or reduced damage. This would artificially increase the reach of the wall without having to buy multiple walls instead. Also useful as a leak catcher, and allows dps to run freely past to recover in safety.

Mirage Wall II: The Arcane Wall forms a ghost wall overhead. This would be useful at blocking enemy ranged attacks as well as air. However this one would likely still take all of the damage, though perhaps reduced.

Echo Wall: Enemies reverb when hitting the arcane wall. This debuff stacks. Every time they hit the wall, they get knocked back. More and more with every stack. This would artificially increase a walls health from melee, but not from ranged. Useful for getting enemies to possibly knock themselves back into fairly close cliffs, and buying time with fewer hits overall from enemies. However, if they are knocked back too far, the debuff would reset before they reach the wall again.

Arcane Wall (Improvement): It absorbs things fired into it, as opposed to letting them through. Javelins and (cool if possible) betsy fire would finally have a safer, if likely weaker, form of protection from.

Arcane Wall (Improvement II): The best defense is a good offense. This wall simply decreases enemy resistance to magic. Either as an aura or on hit.

Arcane Wall (Improvement III): Know your strengths and weaknesses. Or, the wall lowers or removes traits/resistances entirely from attackers.

Fortifying: Buildings near your wall get a portion of damage resistance based on defense health. This would help make buildings such as squires spin slicer and short ranged towers a little more viable against some enemies and in some setups. Mostly it's for stuff like the slicer. It's for the slicer.

These effects could also be put on ubers or even later on walls for other heroes, or sets. The basic idea is that a wall can be used more for being just a wall, in which case the best wall would always be 'wall with most hp'. This opens up more personal choice and strategy. If you can have two to three kinds of wall in a single game, then you're golden.

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