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Mother of ALL Wyverns - Nightmare 4 Betsy run

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Hi. It is possible.

And if you wonder....



This helps:



And inside the Serenity buff:


And I belive  i had the highest DPS o fthe huntresses ._ . AOE wise atleast.

Walls were 328k hp.

Traps °Explosive 2550~ ° Elemental Chaos : 2890

AA towers DPS 21k.

Frostys 46% Frosty Power 3800~ Defense Power 

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@tonyrulz92 quote:

@☆Satoshi★ quote:

uploading a second run ~ well only last round, who would watch the whole run @_@

I bet people who Want to know the whole set up would. 

well, the second video I'm uploading ATM, i run across the map sou get an idea, but its basically whatever setup you want, just to get you to wave 5 and then sell all mid and use the Defense units to build AA towers.

and Of course you need +3800DP builders .- . maybe less, but it's a boss map with 1000 ipwr monsters ._ .  so yeah, ill post  more details here ._ . i got a really bad upload speed .- .  so waiting 20 more mins~

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@Geis quote:

Hi, Satoshi, I would like to know about begining, how you defense the 1st/2nd wave?

frosty traps build . -.  in my second video you can see how are the sidelanes, just move the traps if betsy curse the area around them, just move them ._ . remenber that you need really good stats, well everyone.

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