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Supreme Armor Garage Sale

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My item box is getting too full, so I'm getting rid of all of the supreme armor I have.  I'll accept mana, coal, cubes, lab runs and first borns.  

Tower Plate


TP1: 1 Coal

TP2: 1 Coal

TP3:  1 Cube

TP4: 1 Coal

TP5:  1 Coal

Tower Leather


TL1: 1 Coal

TL2: 3 Coal

TL3: 1 Coal

TL4: 1 Coal

Tower Chain


TC1: 1 Coal

TC2: 1 Coal

TC3: 1 Coal

TC4: 1 Coal

Tower Mail


TM1: 2 Cubes

TM2: 1 Coal

TM3: 1 Coal

TM4: 1 Coal

TM5: 1 Coal




DC1: 3 Coal

DC2: 1 Coal

DC3: 1 Coal

DC4: 2 Cube



DP1: 1 Coal

DP2: 1 Coal



DL1: 1 Coal

DL2: 1 Coal

DL3: 1 Coal

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would it be ok if i retracted my offer? i am running extremely low on CV and i cant afford to blow more coal/cubes on a supreme set for a friend at the moment sorry for the trouble...

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