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Tanking Nightmare 4

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It's doable easily. Best method is not by guarding with shield however. You want to swing a couple times to move the mobs back and then run backwards to avoid getting hit. Great way to prevent mobs from gangbanging the walls. Pure wall Squires in pubs are basically leechers tho. Hate em.

Uh you do know we just beat NM4 Incursion all the waves with tier 1 walls just using waller squires right?

Your shield will save your ass and if you want to tank properly you must have it out all the time.

Whats your Tier 1 Walls KnowsnoLimits ;P

Ill disagree about needing your shield out all the time,  but then that depends on your resistances.

@dwadw123 Most people Have PURE wall squires.. Its how plenty of other people get to nm4 would never call them leechers,

How goes the curse, does it help alot?, I usually use my imp as it has the Health 100% health return ability

My Tier 1 wall is currently 290k. However me and a couple of people have done it with 200k walls before. It's all about upgrading your traps, not your walls.

@Pegazul quote:

Curse is a huge help. If i turn it on i can tank a whole lane full of stuff. If it wears out and i'm still tanking ill die pretty fast lol.

Funny you mentioned that as my wall pet just the hex ability. I never thought of using that in a lane.

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pet skills are still way to underrated, like you can see in the devs questions people asked them. They are already very usefull, alot of them. Slows, aoe slows both with huge damage, aoe roots. Shields which return tons of damage to bosses, kinda the new "op" people love to say, even they where always like that. Attack slows, attack damage reductions, instant full heals, heal leechs, back then when mana was an "issue" mana pet.

Well don't want to talk about iceball or firebreath XD.

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@Talis Cat quote:

I confess I can't really see how one could solo with a Squire ... Boss are what kill me in NM4. I can't decently tank the hard lane without DPS/repairing the Boss lane too ...

This is where repairing one lane while tanking another becomes extremely useful. It allows you to heal one lane while preventing damage to the other, making sure that neither wall can fall except in extreme circumstances. I find that the largest problems that new players to nm3-4 face is not realizing you can constantly be affecting 2 parts of the map (or more if you're not playing squire)

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