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Matchmaking Rework

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Idea Overview

Whenever you want to play a game with a full random party, you start a match just to find out you need to solo the game because no one joined or your only playing with like 1 other person. The idea is to change how you are matched with other players before starting a game, so that you can have a full team at the beginning of the match.

Matchmaking Changes

  • Groups should be removed and replaced with Parties.
  • The "Group Tavern" should be removed and replaced with the already existing "Private Tavern".
  • The "Match Type" section in the "War Table" should be removed and replaced with a popup that would say something like, "You are the only person in your party, would you like to create a full party?", and would have "Yes" or "No" buttons.
  • The popup would show before the "War Table" is opened, and would only show if you do not have a full party.
  • If you click "No" on the popup, the "War Table" will open to allow you to select a map and continue with the party you have now.
  • If you select "Yes" on the popup, you and your current party are brought to a "Private Tavern" along with additional party members until you form a full party.
  • The party members will be selected from people who have a similar hero level and/or iPWR level, and are either looking for other party members or are currently in a "Social Tavern".
  • Heroes who are in a "Social Tavern" that matches your criteria for party matching will receive a party invite that will time out if not responded to in 6 seconds.
  • When a hero in the "Social Tavern" accepts your party invitation, they are then transferred to your "Private Tavern" and added to your current party.
  • When you have the party you want, you may go to the "War Table" to instantly start a game with that party.
  • When you have a party and want to kick someone from it you go to the start menu and click a "Kick" button next to his portrait.
  • When clicking the "Kick" button on another party member all other party members will receive a popup indicating you want to kick the person.
  • All other party members must accept the kick request for the person to be removed from your party.
  • When you are in a "Private Tavern" and someone leaves your party, they leave your tavern and go back to the "Social Tavern".

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One thing is sure, the current matchmaking system sucks and needs to be removed and replaced. Your idea is good. However, I prefer a matchmaking that resembles the one in DD1. So when you go the the table, you have the choice to create a match or join a match. If you want to join a match, a list of current game will pop out with the number of remaining character, the map, the difficulty and the mode. The host, the one that created the match, is the leader, meaning he is the only who can choose a map and the only one that can kick someone. He also sets joining rules, such as "can only join if iPWR is higher than x".

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