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Auto Loot Rework

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Idea Overview

The way auto loot works now is kind of annoying, I don't like all these items in my way when I'm trying to kill enemies. If auto loot is turned on the items should not even drop, they should be automatically picked up. my idea is to make that happen.

Auto Loot Changes

  • If auto loot is turned on for a certain type of item, that item should automatically go to the appropriate bag and not show on the ground unless there is no more room in the bag.
  • If an item didn't get auto looted when it was dropped, and you make space for it during the build phase, another auto loot collection is initiated upon completion of that build phase.
  • A notification should show whenever an item is auto collected, similar to how it does for the scavenger, that says what rarity the item was and which bag it went to.
  •  To prevent accidently turning on and off auto loot, it should be moved to the bag settings instead of being underneath the bag.
  • Instead of displaying a percentage of how full your auto loot is on the right hand side of the screen, it should say how full each individual bag is by its name, that way you know when your bag named "Epic", which has an epic rarity filter on it, is almost full.
  • manually picking up items should be totally redundant and not necessary, but if you did it should go in the bag with the appropriate filter and not sent to the scavenger. 

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This post is similar to what the developers had announced. You could assign bag a to loot item type B e.g.: all Legendarys go into Bag 3. I'm pretty sure you will get something along the lines of what you are proposing with one of the upcoming updates.

What I would like to see is an intelligent loot system that you could teach to look for the loot you need not just all loot of a given color. I don't need the 50th useless Legendary. I want a system that shows me when I've finally gotten that blue with: Tower Damage, Tower Critical Damage, Defenses Critical Chance, Blaze Bloon Critical Chance and Blaze Bloon Burn Rate.

Ideally you could pre-configure these to search for any gear that suits the criterion you setup and you could also say take the stats of item 'X' by clicking it and look for anything that is equal or better.

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