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Trendy wants to know what you are willing to pay for

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Dungeon Defenders without your own personal tavern isn't Dungeon Defenders. I'm not willing to pay for my own tavern. I just expect it to be part of the final game. If not, it'll just give me yet another reason to not play it. Either allowing Steam Workshop and/or payed and/or play to unlock options for customized UI styles and costumes is always a fun way to monetize. 

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Custom weapon skins with crazy effects would be nice. It wouldn't affect anything but appearance so not giving in game advantage.

Custom appearance for towers/walls/traps would also probably sell.

Personally what I want to see is lower cost and more options for the customization options. Which I'm sure the character ones will come over time, I realize the game isn't even finished yet.

The way I look at it the bag expansion is a in game advantage though...not a big one, but it does actually give you something over a normal player.

Another thing... this doesn't have to do with making money so much as it does just getting dedicated players on board

Is adding a way to earn small amounts of in game currency doing large quests/missions. Some people play freeplay because they are poor. If you give them a way to earn, it at least makes them loyal. This in turn leads to them getting friends on board to play with them, and while you may not make money on the free player. Word of mouth is your best possible advertisement.

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