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Two questions, about builds and monthly pets.

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So, to start off:

I'm leveling my 3rd lvl  50 right now since I've came back to the game in 5 days and I'm going for an buff aura monk, wall squire, tower dps apprentice and a dps huntress, now I just learned yesterday from my bud that the wording on hearty blockade for squire sounds way less strong than it actually is, apparently it increases the health stat and not just the health so you'll have an incredible amount of health for your wall if you've got a lot of max hp on your character.

So, I'm wondering what other builds are good for these characters? what should I invest my points in and what passives do I need to look out for on my items? for example bigger slows (snowstorm), frosty power or pyromania on my apprentice?

Would love a mini "guide" on how to build each individual character for that purpose, doesn't have to be in dept and stuff, just want to know what items I should look out for and if I should use my points in tower atkspeed or range ect.

And the other question is: will the monthly pets ever be released for, for example a sale or something?

Up until yesterday my friend also showed me his bear from last month and it was super cute and I'm so sad that I didn't play since the wipe, I'm really hoping for something like a system where you could buy these like the other premium pets (for very rare eggs), but the monthly one will just grant the free to play-players access to this content. Any ideas or information about that?

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