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Remove the Cause; But not the Symptom

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Group exercise time.

I want good questions from all of you. Think of the things that you feel are wrong in DD2, and see if you can ask a question that points to the important issues behind them.

For example, towering poison is currently a symptom. It's a secondary wall when the game is currently balanced towards one wall being the one true wall, late game especially. Fully specialized into, it won't even serve as a backup wall, and it's far behind purge evil on its special explosion effect. Compounding this further, you have limited heroes you can make without paying gems, so you're better off making a normal traptress instead. This creates many questions to ask. I will start with those, then continue.

How should we balance the game so that it's less dependent on one type of wall, or walls in general?

Should we have more creatable heroes available than we have now (F2P has 4)?

If so, should they be purchasable with gold, wyvern tokens, and up to how many or no limit?

With certain monsters basically requiring hero interaction to be dealt with, can we find a way for a normal builder to deal with them as well?

Or should they be changed or removed altogether?

Would it be better if certain enemy types such as dark mages just didn't show up on some maps at all?

Would it be better if lane composition, trait, and resistance was more predictable on some maps?

What change would please most players to be announced as in development next?

Should the devs work on expanding the amount of hero classes (squire, mage, huntress, monk) further to increase diversity, or continue core development another year or two?

Should the devs keep maps in their current style, or work on adjusting map layouts, or create a more diverse set more in line with regular tower defense maps, dps focused maps, and/or gimmicky ones such as challenges?

What feature do most players miss the most from DD1, in DD2?

The second post will be for the best forumite questions with the most likes. I am hoping the devs will look at this thread and think of answers to some of these questions, and put them to us later with their own workable solutions.

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In which way are the devs against to pay-to-win aspect if you can only create one of each hero, without spending money, limiting your build choices even with hero deck?

Why are Magical and Physical resistant lanes tied to certain lanes for the duration of the whole match but knock immunity is random for every wave? Was it to nerf knockup builds? Or to provide build diversity?(No one uses geysers any more)

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To balance the game so walls aren't the be all and end all make the idle flow serenity actually work.

All monsters currently can be dealt with if the build is strong enough and correctly placed.

I'd be most pleased with 5 hero slots in game.

The biggest requirement is boost aura to come back as a viable build to sufficiently buff towers for them to compete end game. I reckon a large sphere like the serenity gambit to buff towers (not traps) by 50% Monks DP at base with a DS +100, with increments of 5% and 10 DS per tier.

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