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What if the Apprentice wall was indestructible?

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It would mostly be the same except that monsters wont be able 

To destroy the wall anymore 

instead the wall can be destroyed multiple times while dealing a lot of damage

So instead of walling of enemies, the apprentice wall is being turned into a temporary

wall that mainly exist to annoy and to explode into the faces of enemies!!


The wall will respawn again after it gathered and charged back some mana 

to reconstruct itself back into a wall, but that would take some times

The repair would be the same as the huntress traps, in charges 

Not sure if either defense health or defense power should power this new wall

But it would be fun if we could have this wall as a uber or something :D

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If you would like this ability available as an uber sphere, maybe you should post the idea under the thread sphere suggestions also. At the very least, you can post a link to this thread on that one.

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