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Please help us with loot testing! [Update: Loot Test is Live!]

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I played 5 to 6 nm4 today to search 3 specific items for my wall squire... i got multiple legendaries with 5% heart blockade but none of them had hero health of hero defense.. Its verry iritating to look for the good stuff but dont find the right match ups... :(

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Some people touched on it, already, but to me the issue lack of control of your loot

I am sitting at iLvl 500, and my monk and apprentice are stuck with a iLvl 350 Chilling touch and purge evil, with poorly rolled stats.

If I could do anything at all to Fix this, buff the weapon's iLvl or transfer the enchantment to my preferred weapon, etc, It wouldn't matter how bad the roll was, and I probably could progress to NM4

Gear in this game seems to equate to 90% or your character's power (spheres/pets/stats) don't seem to do much when compared to gear. Yet we have absolutely no control over our gear. Nor does gear have any longevity, once we move up to the next NM mode, all of our old stuff becomes a paper weight, not matter how legendary it was

This makes NM progression very schizophrenic and hard to standardize. Some people who have all the luck, could become mostly geared in a map or two, while other players... would possibly never at all get a comparable set of gear. Then the game needs to be made "fair and balanced" for both groups of players, and that is impossible.

Personally I've seem to hit a wall at NM3 of bad luck, I keep playing it, mouse over hundred of items, yet can't find anything better for my most my hero deck. I know I'm getting burned out on this, just feels like a bad lottery game (99% of the time, I loose)

I posted a thread in the suggestion forum about making the enchantress's skills more worth while by expanding her spell book.

I think with that

  • loot volume count could stay low and all loot would matter
  • you wouldn't have to fudge the randomize loot rolls
  • players could endlessly customize their gear how they want
  • All players would have a standardized progression pathway
  • The expectation of being "perfectly" geared for NM4 would be reasonable

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@mindlessdefender quote:

I dont get it, are we testing this on another server, that will not save item drops for main account?

Yes. Generally testing of this kind takes place on a test server

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@DrumMajor012210 quote:

@0564 quote:

am farming a purge evil polearm for 4 days now, not even a single one dropped...but thats the game, its about farming and then you if you finally get this hell of a loot thing, its really special and unique to you

i mean this makes the game fun, playing lot of time to get the best

i hope you dont destroy the farming with this update...

I have 485 hours in the game and I HAVE NOT GOTTEN A SINGLE PURGE EVIL YET. I'm convinced it can't possibly be working as intended and am hoping that this loot update changes things. :/

125 hours, got 3 in one game of nm2 liferoot.  The kicker?  I was playing my squire.

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 I've been playing Dungeon Defenders 2 for over 1236 hours at this moment while I'm writing the message. I've posted numerous times on the forums, and even had my name pronounced on one of the DevStreams. It was just to see if you guys were really paying attention to me, but I was thoroughly impressed.

That being said, I am on leave until 31 December. I think that if you are releasing new content within this time period I will be a great candidate for testing it out. I already play at least 4-8 hours a day on this game if I'm not tasked with other duties that day.

I've also got one question to ask, if I may. Would Trendy ever consider giving us back at least the ability to boost attack speed of towers by upgrading them within the map? I can understand the loss of attack speed on gear, but their speed really made fun builds die out when it was lost entirely. I would also like to add that my favorite change so far is probably the Purge Aura. It makes grinding low-level areas actually fun.

NM4 is manageable if you have a team of people that take the map seriously, but just joining up with random persons is most often a chore and failure. NM4 must be a hot topic, I'm sure, but I just don't think the attack speed is being stressed enough. It's not like I'm asking you to make the game boring. I just miss how fun it was in the very early days of this game.

Also...my final question...was I supposed to get the special costumes for leveling characters? I got the hats for 240 iPWR rollbacks, but I didn't get any other costumes before that just from completing an in-game challenge.

Thanks for reading, and keep up the good work!


(Vahlkrin Hursch)

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I signed up for loot testing but never received a email, are you guys not selecting everyone who signed up? Also before anyone ask yes I made a test account and filled out the form correctly.

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