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[Early Access] Patch 8.4 Notes and Discussion

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  • Added the new Inventory Pack to Steam! By purchasing the Inventory Pack, you can increase the 12-bag slot limit to a total of 16 bags! Includes:

    • Four Premium Bags

    • Increases bag slots to 16 bags

    • Two Hero Slots

    • Exclusive Title:  “Baggins”

    • 400 Gems (A special bonus thank you!)

    • Our eternal love and devotion

  • Disabled loot beams on Worn, Sturdy, Powerful and Epic loot. Only Mythical and Legendary items now have loot beams. Be gone, bright demons!

  • Added the two Spooky maps to Free Play and End Game playlists.

  • Steam Trading Cards should now be live. For real this time.

  • Removed the spooky event tavern deco and re-added the basic deco.

Bug Fixes

  • Players can no longer insta-kill Betsy using Sticky Nades before she spawns.

  • Fixed two lane blockages on the second Spooky map.

  • Fixed a small issue where when the Spooky Polearm is elemental, its default idle VFX would show up.

  • Rings, Talismans, and Totems were displaying the wrong mesh offset in the shop and enhancement wheel UIs.

  • Squire Norse Head Icon A is now the correct visual representation.

  • Increased base damage for fire and gas traps on Siphon Site D so they actually deal more damage and scale off of difficulty.

  • Fixed a bug that let players get behind enemy spawners on Liferoot Forest.

  • Updated the Relics and Weapon Loot beams beam height to not be lower than the loot circle.

Extra Note

  • We're getting ready to test some upcoming loot changes! Would you like to help us out? Keep an eye on this thread for more details later this week!

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Pepole are complaining about not being able to connect outside of private games. Starting a game in public results in crashes etc with rendering errors etc.

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