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Gates of Dragonfall End Game Nightmare I

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I have been playing End Game Gate of Dragonfall on Nightmare I. I have a iPwr rating of 265. I have yet to complete this map, no matter how many times I try. I, myself, have played it close to 15 times with people who have higher turret defenses than me and the right lane on the 5th wave fails every time. I coordinated with other players to strengthen the right side. I don't know it is because we, as a collective, are incompetent or if the mobs are too powerful. Is anyone else having this issue?

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When heading into nightmare 1, it is EXTREMELY important that you have barricades with AT LEAST 120K HP. Once you have that, T1 flameburst turrets with at least 3k dps or T1 cannonball turrets with at least 5k dps will easily do the trick. The important thing to remember is that you should get used to using the defense view. On the Gates of Dragonfall NM1, by using the defense view, you will see that the right side has a 75% resistance to magic damage so apprentice towers will be severely weakened. On the left you will see that enemies will have a 75% resistance to physical damage, meaning that Squire towers will be much weaker. Now using this information, you can just tell the squires to build towers on the right side and the apprentices to build towers on the left. The middle has no resistances so either will work.

Even so, NM1 Gates of Dragonfall can be afk soloed with just apprentice towers quite easily even under 200IPWR as long as you have barricades of 120K+ hp. You have to remember that IPWR is largely arbitrary. What's important is how you specialize your heroes. You can pretty much solo any map under NM2 if you have an apprentice dedicated to defense power and a squire dedicated to barricade hp.

The trick to getting 100K+ barricade hp is Hearty Blockade. This is a special passive for squire items which takes a percentage of your hero hp and converts that into defense hp stat points. E.g if you had 13 000 hero hp and you had 6 items all with 4% Hearty Blockade, it would take 24% of your hero hp (3120) and add that to your defense hp stat, which is enormous because normally by the time you are level 50, all items with defhp and maxed defense hp stat, you would only have around 1400 defense hp stat points. With hearty blockade you basically almost triple your current blockade HP. You want to have this passive of at least 3% on all your items excluding the weapon (because the weapon can't have hearty blockade) and you will easily reach over 100K hp. It is also important for all your items to give defense hp and hero hp. By the time my squire was level 50, his barricades already had 160K hp yet all of his items were still around lvl 38. That is how good Hearty Blockade is. Remember: Hero Hp becomes more important once you have 3 items with Hearty Blockade so you want to max your Hero Hp stat first.

Once you have blockades of 150K+ hp, Most of NM1 should be relatively easy as long as you have competent towers to go along with them. Remember that tower placement is important and that placing your turrets directly behind your blockades is not always a good idea.  Those gremlin suicide bombers will hit your towers if they are directly behind your blockades. Utilize all of your towers. It may seem like the easy way out to just spam flamebursts or cannonball turrets and just ignore the rest of your arsenal but every single tower has a use(Except the trash training dummy). This is especially true for the Frostbite turrets, even more so if you have the snowstorm or frostypower passives on your apprentice items.

What I have given here is more so advice for nightmare and the game in general but if you're really lazy and you can't be bothered reading through all the walls of text (which I highly suggest you still should) and you just want to know how to beat NM1 Gates of Dragonfall, here's a list of what to do.

1. Have barricades of at least 120K HP

2. Have flamebursts of at least 3K dps or cannonball turrets of at least 5k dps, both tier 1.

3. The right side has a 75% resistance to magic damage so build squire towers there. The left side has a 75% resistance to physical damage so build apprentice towers there instead. Middle has no resistances so either will work.

4. Try to place your turrets on the high ground. This will make them impervious to the gremlin suicide bombers and will also allow them to fire at air units without taking damage in return.

5. Use frostbites. 1 per lane will suffice. A general rule that I have is no less than 3 dps towers (flameburst or cannonball) and one frostbite turret in every lane.

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I have a trick which sucks but without this games nearly not winable.

Use a DPS huntress, the game difficulty is set so that you beat levels with a dps huntress. Just as a towerbuilder its nearly impossible.

I friend of mine and myself take turns with the dmg huntress and builder to increase our IPower... 

We are currently at NM3 with Ipower of 450 to 500 and its not really fun to play anymore. The grind is okay, but the herodeck limitations and the one and only built that works really make it a little borish.

1. Wall squire
2. Fristbite appr
3. Trap Huntress (with uber) switch the uber in for phys resist lanes and switch out for magic resist lane
4. DPS Huntress

When you play with friends get a monk for the anti air tower and auratower with hp bonus and dmg reduction.

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invest all your gold and time into gearing up a frost-tower apprentice (buy ALL the spheres for frost tower and try to get as much gear as possible with +frosty power, +snowstorm as well as a lot of defense power) altho if u use squire and/or apprentice towers then you can ignore frosty power for now and just go for the increased chill.

frost towers do the trick everywhere in end game, nm 3-4 is absolutely unbeatable without them. even anti-air becomes useless at that point because a few frosttowers, which dont even need any upgrade, do their job way better since freeze means instant death to fliers (anti-air arent able to kill fliers quick enough in nm 4, no matter how much dp)

dont hesitate to put 2 or even 3 of them on EACH lane, trust me.

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