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Request Limit Exceeded...cool..

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This issue seems to be getting worse, not better.  

Start the game... join social tavern for no reason...then try to join a game at the table... oops... 2 requests in a row because of this useless social tavern. Gotta wait and watch idiots run in circles for 30 seconds before I start...cool.

Finally join a game... noob builder taking the reigns...i like a challenge so I'm in...nope what he's doing is a guaranteed failure and nothing can save him... quit...nope...can't quit... quiting the game is also a request thanks to these useful social taverns...i can't even quit the game... sometimes I can't quit for 2 minutes...i actually have to force close the application and restart and try again. 

I like the idea of social taverns... and I see you guys are trying to do a lot of work to fix them...but they are so incredibly flawed and make finding games quite tedious. .. please make them an option and not mandatory until you can figure out a way to implement them without being so frustrating. At least make a way to compete with people in a mini arcade in the back of the tavern or something so there is some usefulness to these places.

Another thing which would be useful is being able to turn your private taverns public like the first game so you can choose to host a game instead of joining noob builders over and over because 2 games with noob builders means everyone who joins quits so you pop in back and forth between the 2 amateurs. .. making the the request Limit ever more frustrating. 

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