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cant play with friends from steam... Same error, more words ? i

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this is the same error you added months ago, during an update, its still there.. i was away from months, wanted to show a friend some stuffs.. but well you made what i was hoping to be a good game, into something annoying.. out of 40 dd2 friends on my steam list, noone plays dd2 anymore, maybe 1 or 2, just for dailies, but i see no point in that. the game is... 

cant say im surprised its still there..


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@chesticles quote:

Hello :)

Please see this thread and this thread for more info about that error.

Thanks and sorry you are having trouble playing with your friends.

i read that, and its the same error, as before, but now it has more words and a "new" number.. back in the days joining to a friend was barely impossible, i dont buy this as new, is the same stupid error, that wont let you join to your friends game. 

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