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High Cpu usage the first ~ 5 Minutes

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Hi Trendy,

at some point in the past(maybe loot and survive...dont track it) the CPU usage in the first ~ 5 minutes of the game has increased.

I dont have the best but also not that worsed Pc (specs and dxdiag at the end) and it is at least for me a big deal(and maybe for others too).

Yes i know the Cpu is there to be used but it effects extreme the FPS in this case and it is unplayable in this first minutes.

I test a couple of settings to check the problem

all in Graphics Quality=Custom, Texture Quality=Low, Antialiasing=none, Anisotropic Filtering=none, Detail Mesh Draw Distance=none, VSync=off, Enable Dynamic Shadows=off, Postprocessing=off

Window mode: Screen Resolution(SR)=1870x1052

first ~5 minutes: ~70% CPU usage

after that: ~ 40% CPU usage

Borderless window mode: Screen Resolution(SR)=1920x1080

first ~5 minutes: ~70% CPU usage

after that: ~ 40% CPU usage

Fullscreen mode: Screen Resolution(SR)=1920x1080

first ~5 minutes: ~100% CPU usage

after that: ~ 70% CPU usage

+ in Fullscreen mode when you tab out and back it goes back to 100% and you have to wait again

i also test the thing with unplug the controller but for me it dont have any effect

i also clean pc, defrag and and test different Grapic Drivers(actual run with the latest beta driver from AMD)

I'm pretty sure that was not always so and i hope you can find the problem or can explain why it now is.

Here my Specs:

OS: Win7 Ultimate 64 bit(with Service Pack 1)

CPU:  Quadcore AMD Athlon II X4 640, 3000 MHz

Motherboard: Asus M4A87TD Evo

Ram: 8 GB DDR3 (2x2GB DDR3-1333 and 1x 4GB DDR3-1600)

Graphic card: ASUS AMD Radeon HD 7790 (7700 series)

Game runs on a normal Harddrive(no ssd)

i dont know which one so i post both xD


DxDiag 64bit Version

<3 Trendy and keep up the good work 

greetings from Germany


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i honestly think its like this for everyone my FPS goes down to 45 ish first 5 min and after that i am solid onto 60+ didnt really track the cpu usage tho. but ill try and see

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As far as I can recall there was an issue or so that made the game load information related to every map when entering the  Tavern. I think they talked about that a couple Devstreams ago.

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Well, I've got an old Intel Core i7 (quad-core, 2.8 GHz), always play fullscreen and the max CPU usage I've had is 35%.  :O

Though it has Hyper Threading technology, which simply put doubles the number of cores, so for comparison with other quad-core CPUs without it (basically anything that's not another Core i7), you should double that value, so 70%.

And it's constantly 30~35%; I don't experience this increase during the first 5 min, nor drop afterwards, you are talking about.

Sure the game is a bit jumpy as I walk around a map for the first time (guess it must still be finishing loading stuff) but that's over in a matter of seconds.

Perhaps the game is just more optimized for Intel CPUs than it is for AMD CPUs right now.

By the way, lowering your graphics settings to the minimum won't really decrease your CPU usage, just your GPU's.  In fact, increasing your graphics settings might even offload some work from the CPU to the GPU, thus decreasing CPU usage!  XD

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Core i7 have nothing to do with Hyper Threading! Even some pentium 4, xeon processors have HT and almost every i3, i5 and i7 have it and yes my cpu dont have it and it effect's it but i never say i have a good one or something and this thread effect's not everyone. It is more for people with older CPU's.

And yes the GPU can do work for the CPU but not when you give your GPU more to do(makes no sense) and why you assume i lowered my settings i never said that. i play with this settings evertime (yes i can increase it but i prefer to play smoothe)

it is ok when you tell us your experience with your cpu (and maybe exact specs, core i7 is a huuuuuge definition) and the start etc but dont spread wrong informations.


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Boy, someone seems to have gotten really offended by my hyper threading capable CPU…  O.o

Well, I was trying to keep things simple, but if you wanna go into details…

Yeah, the later models of Pentium 4 had Hyper Threading  –  it’s were the technology was born  –  and I was lucky enough to have one!  It was so cool being able, for the first time, to alt-tab from a game and have Windows respond as fast as if no programs were running!  :’D

But back to the topic, I did mention “for comparison with other quad-core CPUs”…  so good luck finding a quad-core Pentium 4.  ^^’

Xeon processors are for servers and I really doubt anyone here is playing DD2 on their company’s servers…  That’d be just insane!  XD

As for Core i3’s and i5’s…  I hate to break it to you, but only the Dual-Core models have HT to make them more worth a while.  For Quad-Cores Intel has been restricting HT to i7’s for obvious $$$ reasons.  :-/

In collusion, it seems pretty safe to say that anyone playing DD2 on a Quad-Core CPU that’s not a Core i7 does not have Hyper Threading.  Though notice l actually said “basically anything that's not another Core i7” on my original post, leaving space for exceptions.

So, next time, try paying a little more attention to what was actually said and do a little research before accusing anyone of spreading wrong information. ^^

Also, you say this thread is more for people with old CPUs?  But that’s precisely why I posted!

Sure I’ve got a mighty, top of the line Core i7…  but that was back on 2009 when I bought it!  Even yours is newer!!  XD

Regardless, I’ve decided to do some testing with my almighty hyper threading advantage that seemed to offend you so much turned off…  and the results were quite interesting!  :O

Test machine:

CPU: Intel Core i7 860 (quad-core, 2.8 GHz, hyper threading disabled)

GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 560

RAM: 4 GB DDR3-1333

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit installed on a secondary HDD, everything else (including page file) on primary HDD.

Test Map: Liferoot Forest (the one before Betsy) Private Freeplay Hard

Test Method: Walking and jumping around the entire map for around 2 minutes

Graphics Quality: High
(Texture Quality = High, Antialiasing = 8x, Anisotropic Filtering = 8x, Detail Mesh Draw Distance = None, VSync = On, Enable Dynamic Shadows = On, Postprocessing = On)

As the map loaded and I alt-tabbed to check Windows Resource Monitor, I was like:
“OMG!  100% CPU usage!?  Did Trendy finally found a way to make full use of 4 CPU cores in a game!?!?  They deserve a cookie!!  Nay, a jar full of ‘em!!!!”  O.O

Though my amazement soon went way, as after about 1 min and a half, CPU usage suddenly decreased to a more normal 45~55%...  No cookies for you after all, Trendy!  XD

This means 2 things:

1  –  Windows isn’t as dumb as a thought and seems to understand a “hyper threading core” doesn’t have the same performance as a real core, so a more accurate HT CPU usage conversion rate for comparison with equivalent non-HT CPUs would be x1.5

2  –  Given the much lesser time at 100% CPU usage and also lower CPU usage afterwards, DD2 really must be more optimized for Intel CPUs than it is for AMD’s at this time. (I also didn’t notice any FPS difference before and after 100% usage period. The game is jumpy, by which I mean it freezes for split seconds, as I walk around the map the first time, but that’s all.)

I’ve repeated the test using Graphics Quality: Low, for the fun of it, but the results were exactly the same!  :O
(Texture Quality = Low, Antialiasing = None, Anisotropic Filtering = None, Detail Mesh Draw Distance = Near, VSync = Off, Enable Dynamic Shadows = Off, Postprocessing = Off)

Which also means 2 things:

1  –  Either DD2 graphics are highly optimized for Nvidia cards (extremely doubtful), or my card is more powerful than I thought!  8x Antialiasing is super demanding and should’ve knocked my FPS down, but there were no changes!!  O.o  Perhaps if I had started the wave things would’ve been different, as lots of enemies began filing the screen…  XD  (I usually play with everything on High, but Antialiasing at just 2)

2  –  You don’t have a bad graphics card yourself, so you should to be able to increase your graphics quality to Medium, perhaps even High, and notice no FPS difference as well.  ;)

Well, sadly, DD2 doesn’t seem to be a good candidate to show you how having some graphics quality can actually increase your FPS, but it is highly dependant on the game, so let me tell you a story instead…  XD

Back when I had my old Pentium 4, there was this game I was always playing…  :O

One day my graphics card just died out and I was very sad!  Had to use an old budget card as replacement… T_T

Since it was the minimum card stated in the game requirements, I thought turning the graphics to the very minimum was the best option.  :O

The FPS were still bad, as expected, and suddenly my CPU started sounding like a vacuum cleaner, which had never happened with that game before!  D:

After experimenting with the various graphic options, I found the culprit!

The option was called “advanced shaders” or something.  Sounds like a thing more for a high-end card, right?

Wrong!  What this option seemed to do was basically changing who processed some effects: the CPU, or the GPU (which also showed more effects)

Bottom line, by activating these “advanced shaders”, even on the crappy minimum requirement card, not only did I get better graphics, but the game also ran smoother and CPU usage went down!  No more vacuum cleaner noise!!  ;D

A more common option that can sometimes increase performance, or at the very least not affect it at all, is Anisotropic Filtering.  By activating it, you make sure it’s your GPU taking care of all texture work, plus it’s something so simple you can freely max it on any game you play!  ;)

Well, hope I didn't bore you too much with my long post, but it was (mostly) your fault...  XD

Happy dungeon defending!  ;)

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