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Sad Defender purchased the wrong moment...

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Dear DD2 dev's,

I bought 3 of the skeleton skins from a pack of gems i bought, And 1 week later all of a sudden there is a pack with i don't know how much gems and a pet and all 4 skins. I'm quite sad with this happening because i actually spent money, got 3 skins but had i known there was such a good deal available a week after i would've certainly tempered my desire to the the skins for a week after. Now if i were to purchase the pack what will happen with the skins? Will i get a refund for the gems i spent on the skins i already have or what?

Because i never saw this deal and it wasn't available from the in-game shop :(. I feel like i bought a cat in a bag. (that's what we'd say in the netherlands ;) ). Any thoughts from the dev's on this?

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