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Social Tavern Community Suggestions

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It seems like you guys are putting a lot of effort into the community aspect and social taverns to get players to meet each other and form bands. I also think it's a great idea as communities keep player bases strong and competition high.

In its current state however, social taverns are nothing more then an irritating middle man between starting and quitting games for advanced players. The current setups are ideal for new players to meet other new players though so I think there is certainly room for this version of novice/tier 1 tavern. I think there should also be social taverns for max level players so at least higher level players have a chance of seeing familiar faces in them that are actually worth inviting to a game. This alone would help keep social taverns from rendering themselves completely useless for advanced players...as we all know... The high level players are the real community... They are the ones who love this game and will continue to play it regardless of new game releases.

PvP arcade in taverns

Maybe you guys could add some little competitive mini games like some challenges like dd1 had or classic tower defense style or survival style where you can send waves at each other to try to make the other guy lose. Any way to add PvP of some sort would be epic for a little friendly besting. Even a 2v2 style map where 2 guys have to defend one crystal and 2 guys defend the other without being able to interact with each other by an invisible divider would be great.


The loot should all go to a temporary bag when collected so you can grab everything in your way without messing up your inventory. This way you won't needlessly die from bosses because you can't jump over the ground pound. Anything left on the map at the end should be automatically sold or placed in ypur temporary bag if out of bounds. As is, the loot blocks line of sight and jumping ability and trap focusing and probably slows game performance as well if left because you don't want it in your inventory.

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