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New Achievements Suggestions

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I made a thread about this 5 months or so ago but it was in general discussion; I figured it would be better to simply repost it here than necro my old thread.

Currently, several parts of the game that were added later in its life span are not part of the achievements list. I feel like it would be a good idea to add regular and NMHC achievements for doing the following:

1) Reaching wave 35 in any survival game [Map independent] (perhaps this could be expanded upon...see below)

1B) Finishing a survival run of all Eternia Shards maps

1C) Finishing a survival run of all community maps (Moon base, Palantir, Akatiti)

2) Beating Akatiti Jungle

3) Beating Moon Base

4) Beating Palantir

(I am open to making additions to this list, please post if you have ideas!)

As the game stands, the aforementioned tasks are a big part of endgame content (well lab runs made survival kind of worthless, but it's still worthwhile to do survival runs if you can't do lab yet), and would work well as goals for players.

Also for fun:

5) Getting a turtle from Akatiti jungle (Performing the easter egg)

6) Getting a fish in a bowl from Moonbase

7) Getting Treadmill on A Treadmill from moonbase (I would suggest a DDR theme for this achieve)

If a mod could comment on how possible this would be, that would be great. (DDace commented on my old thread, additional commentary is appreciated)

I know somebody would have to take on the task of making icons and names for the achievements; I could do this if needed (I have some good ideas for names; I might add them later if there is enough interest). Additionally, someone would have to work on steam integration with the in game triggers and steam achievements. I wouldn't mind doing this, but I don't have the slightest clue how it works (I have a lot of programming experience though).

Here is some feedback I got from DDace on my last thread:

ddace quote:

I will see if steam achievements are something the Community Team will be able to do. I think it would take some effort on Trendy's side as well so I am not sure if that is something we will have going forward. I like the idea though.

Triggers are in the code but the integration to steam is what they have to do. Not sure if they are willing to do that or not.

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