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Class Idea: Tinkerer

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Support character with "programmable towers"

Stats for Drones:

Drone health: increases drone health.

Drone effectiveness: increases bulder drone casting speed, attack drone damage, mana carrier mana pickup and deposit range, and loader drone speed while carrying defenses.

Drone Speed: increases drone speed.

Drone Mana Capacity: added to base mana capacity of drones.


Builder Drone: Goes to each set defense in order and upgrades or repairs it until it runs out of mana or the defense cannot be upgraded or repaired. cannot repair itself.

Attack Drone: Projectile attacker. goes to each set position and attacks nearby enemies for a set duration there, then moves to the next position.

Mana Carrier: Flying. has increased mana pickup range while landed, lands at each set position to pick up mana and each set drone or player to deposit it.

Loader Drone: Moves set defenses to set positions, requires mana to move while carrying defenses.


Overclock: drones gain double movement speed and do not require mana to operate while this ability is active, but take damage each second.

Drone Reload: fills the mana stores of all non mana carrier drones nearby.

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