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Separate players that want to continue and those that want to return to Tavern

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  If I want to go back to the tavern, I should be sent back alone, separate from the players that wish to continue playing. If I want to go on and replay the map, I shouldn't be drug back to the tavern to then have to drop party, regroup with my friends if I were with them, and pick up a new group. Separate those that want to continue running the map from those that wish to take a break at the tavern. It's a pain in the rear to go through that every run when I just wanna grind for gear/levels and don't have a full group. I don't see the need to send everyone back when a coordinated party will say "I need to go back to the tavern after this" or check the needs of their friends. An uncoordinated group, aka a public random quick match, will probably have someone go back to the tavern after the run. This just makes it a pain to grind when you have a system nearly set up perfect for grinding.

  Split those that need a tavern break and those that need to continue on the map into 2 groups sending one off to the tavern and the other to stay on the map.

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