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Multiple Suggestions About Current Gameplay

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My first suggestion comes from the fact that this game is meant to get hectic.


   At no point should I be playing and see a healthbar fly past my character then immediately think, "WHOA WHAT IN BLUE BLAZES WAS THAT" only to turn and see a player. Healthbars should always help you distinguish players from mobs. Give them a fancy outline or something, but change them somehow. I don't want to see those and think they are a monster bypassing my defenses.

Eggs should have a much lower transition period to shellium shards. (this is a minor idea that has been touched on before in the forums)

  48 hours is a bit much... I already have space issues after buying four premium bags storing mythical loot for fodder into later end gear. I've bought enough bags. I don't need to allocate more bags to just eggs that wont be of use for another 2 days. 1 day maybe, but I am thinking 2-4 hours would be perfect. Allows players to experience the space issue and desire more bags, without actually forcing us to wait for the pets. I assume you'll expand on the pets later anyway, (either with more evolutions or with something else like pet equips) so that leaves me to think you'll need even more space for their junk.

Players shouldn't be forced back to the tavern if they desire another match!

  If I want to go back to the tavern, I should be sent back alone, separate from the players that wish to continue playing. If I want to go on and replay the map, I shouldn't be drug back to the tavern to then have to drop party regroup with my friends if I were with them, and pick up a new group. Separate those that want to continue running the map from those that wish to take a break at the tavern. It's a pain in the rear to go through that every run when I just wanna grind for gear/levels and don't have a full group. I don't see the need to send everyone back when a coordinated party will say "I need to go back to the tavern after this" or check the needs of their friends. An uncoordinated group, aka a public random quick match, will probably have someone go back to the tavern after the run. This just makes it a pain to grind when you have a system nearly set up perfect for grinding.

  Split those that need a tavern break and those that need to continue on the map into 2 groups.

Give us the ability to lock items so we don't accidentally 'select all' sell them.

 I know it is my own fault, but it would also allow my character to easily switch between two types of dps or defense as the need arose per party. Does my party need a squire based around barricades? I can switch to health gear. Do they need a trap huntress? Dps trap gear. Do we need a hero with dps? Huntress with ability and hero damage. This also takes bag space, so more bag purchases for the creators.

Allow me to continue to see what is coming even after the wave has started.

 I feel like I should be able to see how many monsters are left in the lane even after the match has begun. I want to know if there are mobs left that I should be wary of even after the match starts and I'm roaming around looking for places to help my turrets. Holding shift should show the monster count even after the wave has started.


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