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What are your first impressions of the game?

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Welcome, New Defenders!

Welcome to Etheria, and the fight against the Old Ones! As you play through the game for the first time, we would love to hear what you think. Please post in this thread with your feedback, impressions, and awesome moments! We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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It feels like a whole lot of 1 step forward 2 steps back.  I don't know what endgame is like yet, but I do know that early game is way too easy.  Playing consistently on the highest difficulty available through the campaign was incredibly easy.  After that my friend and I could take on hard free play in recommended ipower 100 stages with our gear from campaign first try.

The lack of a fifth tower is a big disappointment.  The third hero ability doesn't really make this feel worth it with the large cooldowns.  The lack of range adjustment on auras and traps is also annoying.  My favorite class in DD1 was huntress and I played it hybrid.  You should definitely make it possible to increase the activation range of traps, while using the old mousewheel system to adjust them down if you want to.

The stat investment system is incredibly dumb.  It's just going into everything until you hit the soft cap, and every point after that (or in skills that start at *** benefit) feels like it's not even doing anything.  Upgrading items, especially weapons, feels far less impactful and is a more annoying process.

Losing impactful skills and gaining a *** implementation of criticals is awful.  While I have no problems with the addition of criticals, I miss the defense range and speed stats being on items and having a real impact.  I think the current implementation of criticals makes it a pretty much useless stat.

Melee weapons now have three different combos, this is an improvement.  Someone may remember in the past I went through to find out the differences in the combos between weapons in DD1, but I imagine by the way the rest of the game works those differences are now normalized and not weapon specific at all.  If that is the case I'm a little disappointed but ultimately I think it's probably better since previously some weapon types were just better.

I feel like the lockboxes and pet food / upgrade items shouldn't take up space in the inventory but rather just work like a resource.  Or at least have a special bag just for them and let them stack.

Picking up items in battle is a little annoying.  Previously you'd just look for strictly green thumb items and let the others turn into mana.  Now you have to pick everything up and then sell all the garbage.  Even if the items did automatically get turned into gold like previously, it would still be annoying because the minimap shows item quality rather than green dot for possible upgrade.

I think there aren't enough bosses in the campaign.  I hope you're planning to expand the campaign, but even then the normal levels to boss levels ratio would still feel really bad.  It's nice to get introduced to enemies the way the game does, but I think you could do more levels where you're introduced to 2 or even 3 enemies at a time instead of 1 per level.

I miss the color customization in making your heroes.  I feel like this is something that should be brought back, even as a paid feature.  Just a simple cosmetic thing that's really nice.

I think the variance in ranged weapons feels worse, but overall I think the hero combat aspect is improved.  I like that heroes have some impact at the start, and that none of the heroes have worthless defenses at level 1.

Overall I think it's an okay game, but not as good as the first yet.

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I sincerly don't have a real opinion yet.. since I can't figure out how to even find a lobby where I can create a game/host and then play with friends.. only thing I seem to find is the "play" button that takes me right in to a tutorial I don't wana play.. like at all.

So srsly.. how do I get to a point where I actually can reach a lobby of some sort or browse games in progress or.. IDK do anyting at all, what happened to the old Tavern function?


Just as a heads up ppl hate pop ups..  the option to add the button "reset tutorial" but not an option to disable all help features and said tutorial... 

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I feel like a ton of systems need improvement. It's a solid game that has a ton of potential but right now it feels very lackluster and is missing a lot of the feel that DD1 had.

1. Weapon Variance: This is a good start. The weapons have unique properties like DD1 had but theres one thing that bothers me to no end and that is them all feeling static and the same. You find a good weapon and stick with it. It doesn't matter if its multi projectile or single shot they all do virtually the same DPS and theres no real benefit to using a multi projectile over a single shot. Also on top of that there's no real dmg scaling on weapons. It seems to all have been moved to the heroes dmg stat instead of the heroes stat being the modifier.

I feel like the weapon scaling needs to be far broader than it is now like it was in DD1. I remember those farming sessions on DD1 where id be blown away when id find an insane weapon that has multi projectiles and shoots wicked fast and was great at dealing with small creeps around the map before they made it to the towers or one weapon was single shot but hit insanely hard per shot and was nice for helping take out Ogres better compared to most others i found on the same map and difficulty. 

2. Armor Stats: Why have tower speed and range been taken away and replaced with critical stats? The great thing about DD1's armors were that they allowed you to stack stats how you wanted and it allowed for a broad spectrum of builds for almost any endgame map. In DD2 it feels like all that was taken away and its all just very static. You put walls up and your towers somewhere near them which puts the towers in danger as much as the walls. Bring back the Tower Range and speed stats on armor. It allows for far more creative builds on maps and it makes it more fun coming up with new ways to stop hoards of mobs from getting to the crystal.

3. Inventory: Bring back the Item Box. The Item Box in DD1 was great. Held up to 260 items, allowed up to make tabs for a sorting system and it just worked out really well. Downscale it to 125 slots to start with and allow people to buy as many extensions to it as they want. I know people who love to mass hoard gear and will buy tons of extensions just to keep their collection. I didnt even have every hero maxed out in DD1 and still pretty much had every slot of the item box filled up with gear and pet to suit every built for every hero in the game except for a couple of heroes.

4. Auto Collect and Auto-Sell Loot: This is great but definitely needs to be expanded more. There needs to be an option to be able to set what rarities and above for the auto collect to take. Anything below the lowest rarity set that isnt collected at the start of the next round should be auto sold off for gold just like in DD1. The amount of trash that builds up on the map is absurd and this fixes that problem.

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I am enjoying the game quite a bit. There are things I like and things I do not like though. But let me start off by saying I have NOT played any of the harder difficulties yet.

I will get some of the more boring stuff out of the way first
Hero Combat - This feels just as fun as it did in DD1. I loved it then and I love it now. Some people don't like some of the weapon stances but personally I like that weapons have a class system of their own.
Armor and Specs - I that armor pieces can effect specific abilities as well as have their own, like jumping and having a chance on impact to deal damage. I do kind of miss having more stat options on my armor though, makes a lot of the armor feel bland.
Inventory - I don't mind how the inventory works in this game, I wish I had more slots or a way to auto sell items bellow a certain rarity but its not a big deal.
Customization - I miss being able to fiddle with the color of my Heroes, but what I miss more is being able to make my own personal Crystal. I understand some levels might have unique Crystals and that is fine but there is no reason we can't have custom Crystals for the levels that don't.

In DD1 Monks were my favorite class to play. I liked that you have a bunch of auras that all did something different and useful. In DD2 that doesn't really seem to be the case. Monks only have ONE tower that does any damage at all. This makes me worried for the future of monks since a large portion of DD1 was making sure you had multiple elements at your disposal to take care of any threat OR place down some strength drain towers. Monks don't have that option any more and I am assuming that further down the line (or maybe just in the higher difficulties, remember I haven't played them yet) specific resistances come into play as apposed to just Physical and Magical (otherwise why would you have other elements??). If that is the case then monks are going to be kinda screwed if they try to solo since all they have at their disposal is lightning damage and their weapon, they no longer have any Crowd Control build into their towers. Monks abilities seem fun, though I miss the active Aura from Hero Boost but I understand why it needed to be changed, and I have no real complaints. The addition of the Anti-Air tower is much appreciated!

Honestly I haven't played the Huntress myself yet but from what I have seen it looks like that have been improved for the better. I like that their traps all seem to have a unique interaction with enemies and yet they all seem like TRAPS as apposed to towers. This is a good thing. The only problem that I have with Huntress is they seem to do WAY to much Hero damage, at least from what I was told by a friend. They seem to crit a lot more than other classes, which normally wouldn't be a problem except I've seen people get the achievement for critting 10 times in a row on a lvl1 Huntress, thats just ridiculous. Again the addition of an actual tower is appreciated as now Huntress has something to physically stop things from moving.


This Hero seems to be the most balanced in my opinion and if I wasn't such a huge fan of Monks from DD1 I would probably play Apprentice a lot more. I like that all of their towers do something different utility wise instead of just being different rates of attack and different elements. The Earthshatter tower is particularly satisfying for me. Whenever I play him I find myself using each one of his different towers instead of just choosing the one that "does the most damage" and mass producing them. If there is anything I have to complain about for him its that Mana Bomb takes so long to cast and doesn't have as much range as I would like, I find myself casting it and by the time it actually goes off the enemies I wanted to hit have already been killed by towers, or other players.


I like the idea behind the abilities the squire has this time around, he feels more like someone wearing a suit of armor, yet he hasn't lost his all mighty mega sword. I DO miss the Blood Rage ability from DD1 but we all have to make sacrifices I suppose. Training Dummies are useless. I WANT to use them really do, but they die too quickly to make any real use out of them. The rest of the towers all seem fine but with the new Cannon Ball towers they seem far too similar to Harpoons in the way they do damage. When I use a new tower for the first time I don't want it to be a re-skin of a tower that I already use, that is the big reason Apprentice seems so fun to me.
Saying that I can kind of understand why a lot of the Monks auras were removed but I feel like they could have been reworked visually like the Huntress traps. I am aware that there is a Sphere that changes how cannon balls work.

I love the idea behind these, especially the UBERS. I like how they can interact with specific abilities/towers and change them into something entirely different. They add a good way to let players change their builds without having to farm for "the perfect piece". The only thing I want to see out of Spheres is MORE of them.

Where is my 5th Tower.
This kind of makes me sad. I am hoping that more towers get added in as the game progresses into Beta and Live but we are talking about the here and now. Every single one of the original Heroes lost a little piece of themselves. While I do appreciate that all the classes now have 3 abilities instead of just 2, why does that mean they had to lose a tower in its place? I guess you could call some of the Uber Spheres a "5th Tower" but you have to get rid of one of your other towers to use it.

I have almost nothing negative to say about the progression from what I have experienced. Maybe the campaign was a little but too easy, and maybe I would like to not be able to AFK nearly as much, but that isn't really anything new. As long as you were smart about placing and upgrading your towers in DD1 it was a cake walk until you got through to the harder difficulties. The one real complaint I have is there isn't enough boss fights. Real boss fights like Betsy are fun.  I am going to chalk this one up to the game still being in its early stages, and maybe its not the smartest of ideas to throw all your cool bosses into the game before it launches for real, but I just can't ignore the Normal map to Boss map ratio.

I have only been playing DD2 for a short time, but in that short time I have seen multiple patches and hot fixes that push the game to a better place. Most notably being the most recent patch that autoloots at the end of every wave. Maybe I just joined in during the golden hour of patches, but I choose to believe that you guys are working hard, listening to your fans, and making changes according to what the players want to see.

Anyways this turned into more of a review than a first impression. Hope my opinions help evolve this game into the perfection that I know it can be.

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The Huntress is far, far too overpowered. Or, the Apprentice and Monk are highly under-powered. At this moment, I do not see a reason to play anything but a Huntress. My monk who is specializing in tower damage, I see his traps pale in comparison to a Huntress'. At best, even if they're doing similar damage, that still leaves the Huntress doing near double the hero damage. 

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Hello everyone,

I came here through the recommendation of a friend, and wanted to see if I could jump in DD2 without playing the previous instalments.

In short, I installed the game, played it, and suddenly lost track of time. I couldn't stop playing. 

Lately, I've been having enough of bloody, gory, violent games so I was trying to find a more relaxed game. Spiral Knights has been my fix for 4 years, but I think it's time to put it aside, and make way for DD2.

I've had a really good first impression and experience, so let m lay down the positives and the negatives as a newcomer to the series:

The good:

+ Art style is nice and clean, pretty

+ Controls are very fluid and precise

+ Game is easy to grasp, even without playing previous instalments

+ UI is neat and simple, menus not oversaturated with options and buttons and whatnot

+ PC requirements are low-ish, ran this in full HD 1080p everything maxed at 115fps average

The bad:

- Hero movement speed pretty slow

- Difficulty too easy, if not non-existant

- Apprentice and Squire players can build so many defenses to block spawns, and leave them to do the work.   Heroes can just literally sit down and collect loot.

All in all, I'm impressed by this game, which is still in the alpha stage. I've played complete games which were less good and even had less to offer than what we see here. I await to see this game in the future.

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I followed the development of this game since it was announced. By reading everything here, I agree, BUT, I feel like everything mentioned will be corrected in the future. 

I also feel like people will need to get from DD1 to DD2 in their head. What I mean by that is that its not supposed to be exactly the same game. There are things that some will like and others will hate. Can't change that. 

Still, I feel like overall everything is in the right direction. 

Most (if not all) of the negative stuffs I have in mind were already mentioned. 

Here is what I feel is better now :

+ the maps feel way more detailed (not just in textures but the way you can use your surrounding).

+ some ideas feel great in potential (like Betsy).

+ I feel like there is a way better synergy between classes, towers and skills.

+ even with less towers per class (1 less), I feel like what they do is more precise and useful, also less ''overkill''.

+ same thing with the hero deck. I feel like you need to decide what you will bring to each map depending on who is playing with you too. 

Also, just saying, but I really started to play more seriously for 2 reasons : 

1. no more full wipesé

2. the autocollect at the end of each wave.

Before that, I was waiting for those 2 things. 

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Animations are smooth and fun.

Graphics are pleasant and cartoonish.

Easy to learn, placement of towers is an improvement from DD1

Weapons are cool looking

Tavern is a lot better laid out and more unique

Switching between heroes solo is a lot smoother and easier now

Trail marked where the monsters go, nice little feature

Not having to go back to crystal to start the wave - love this

Auto-collect is nice

The scavenger guy acts and looks like Jafar from Aladdin when he dresses up as an old man, pretty funny

Fighting mobs that become regular as a miniboss, however there needs to be more actual bosses.  These should be like a halfway wave miniboss, not the actual boss

Music is pleasant


Way too easy so far on campaign

Only 4 towers per hero, would like to see more tower variety

Most of the costumes gems only, add a way to players to earn them, just make it so that it takes a while, aka log in for 60 days (one day at a time) and earn a costume

Bags - Do we really need this many seperate bags? Can we have the option to combine some of them into one bigger bag?

Damaged towers don't really show up unless you mouse over them?

Secondary objectives not really explained at all 

Map traps not really explained that well

When soloing, map shouldn't "end" or kick me out until I'm ready to be done

Spells show no indication of area of effect

Healing spell is lacking as far as effects

A lot of the sound effects leave a lot to be desired, they need more "oomph" to them

Personal preference: 

I like the health bars on enemies of DD1 , maybe add some options so that players can choose between styles?

As someone else mentioned, choosing colors for your heroes was a nice addition in DD1, a little customization goes a long ways.  You could even make it so that you could "unlock" colors in the campaign or whatever

It would be nice if we could edit the UI and move items around

Damage numbers are rather plain and don't really mesh well with the other color / schemes of the game, perhaps more options here?

Using white text for exclamation points, upgrade, repair, sell, etc seems a little off.  Adding color would improve these.

Being able to mark an item as non-sellable?

Less items dropped per wave, but make them slightly better and worth more to sell? As of right now the amount of loot seems slightly overdone

Bags were full and sent items to the scavenger, however the game didn't tell me where they went and I had to discover this on my own.  Might be nice for the game to tell you where they go

Would be awesome if towers gained some additional appearance changes as they upgraded to easier distinguish between upgrades instead of just "being larger"

Initial Impressions: Fun game, I'm not totally sure what I think about it yet.  There's a lot of improvements over DD1, but there's still some things that I'm kinda "eh" about.  It looks to have a lot of potential for a great game, but there's definately a ways to go yet.  

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Since this game is a sequel, there are certain expectations that should be met for players returning to the series.

Absolute first impression - being tossed into an online tavern with a ton of other players as soon as you start up the game is a really awkward experience, especially coming from DD1.

Overall, it feels like Trendy hasn't designed a game that happens to be free-to-play, but instead designed a free-to-play game, and many core/iconic systems (item slots, multiple character slots, etc.) have been neutered as a result.

As already stated in a previous comment, the game feels like a bunch of design decisions built off of the first game that take one step forward, and two steps back. DD2 has been in early access for a long time and a lot of improvements have been made during that time, but I'm not confident in the game's direction as a sequel. It's too many horizontal design shifts from DD1 instead of improvements.

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nice game for me , much betteer than dd1, the only thing is the high temperature that my pc have when i play, dd2 is going to rigth way XD

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Have spent the past few evenings having a pretty good time with the game. I'm currently at the tail end of Hard Freeplay getting my first hero (mage) towards max level. I may manage that tonight if I'm lucky. :) Some feedback:

  • I didn't find it very clearly signposted that I should move on to Free Play and harder difficulties after finishing Campaign mode, although perhaps I just entirely missed the info for it. A small reminder of some kind on the war table screen might be useful after finishing the campaign for the first time.
  • Quest-related stuff is a bit annoying - dialogue is fine and dandy but I can read fairly quickly and it would be nice to have some way to clear it off the screen faster. Automatically showing the "J" quest window every so often is also something I don't like - I can see quest status updated on the right-hand tracker, please don't take over the entire screen just to alert me. :P
  • Loot and inventory management is awkward and really could do with a rework. I made some suggestions for the inventory screen UI here. I agree with what others have said - the game would benefit from stuff like a filter for what rarities of loot appear during the game, and perhaps some method of auto-selling items of certain rarities whenever you interact with the forge. Also, how about a "vacuum nearby loot" button to prevent buttonmashing? :P
  • Although I'm going for a tower spec, from levels 10-45 there doesn't seem to be much of a variation in viable weapons for mage - once you get a staff from Betsy, you're set. Talking to a few people I played with I got the impression that this changes in the NM difficulties - hopefully that's right.
  • Not convinced about the method of upgrading items, but I've only recently got access to it, so I'll reserve judgement on it for now...

I can definitely see that certain decisions about game systems have been geared toward the F2P nature of the game. For example, I could understand that Trendy want to gently encourage players to buy extra bags, so adding the item stash from DD1 or making it too easy to keep your bags uncluttered would be bad for their longterm profits. The item upgrade system using other items also sort of ties into this.

DD2 makes certain aspects of DD1 feel very clunky - but the knife cuts both ways, as some things were better in DD1. Sadly, the culture of gaming has changed, and I'm a bit anxious of how the F2P model will ultimately drive the game's development... but with all of this said, I've still been having fun, and have my fingers crossed that I'll continue to do so as we move towards beta / release!

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This game is so bugged...Mounth quest has been reset in September so i cant get sword pet...Now bear quest has been reset and today it was deletd... TY

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Hey! I posted this in its own thread before I saw this thread, but it makes more sense in a thread like this. So here it is! Sorry if it's against the rules.

"Hey guys! I'm a long time DD1 fan and even a DDE fan. I was excited to get invited to test the Alpha early for DD2.

One big thing I noticed is that the UI feels extremely sloppy. After a mission I got the normal "level up" screen pop up, then the "quest pointer" screen popped up, so I clicked okay on my quest. Then before I even got to move around in the tavern, the same quest screen popped up again.

Also the inventory management screen feels way less natural than DDE's screen felt. There's the little box under new items to tell you what stats it upgrades, but changing items after a level didn't feel smooth at all. I think these UI hiccups will discourage a lot of casual players, which I assume are your target since this game is free to play.

Also, lucky me, I typed all this out a lot more eloquently in the "game feedback" forum, but it kept logging me off when I tried to post it."

I think overall, you want your UI to be there when players need it, instead of insisting itself on them. If new players can't figure our your game by moving around and interacting with things, then your tavern might be too complex.

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Le début du jeu est trop lent, les vagues sont trop simple, je pense que ca ne serait pas de trop d'augmenter un peu le niveau dès le début. Ca risque de lasser les gens qui ne connaissent pas du tout. Fin voila je pense.


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After playing other classes, while the Huntress is still over tuned, the real problems seems to be...Monk. Monk offensive performance is very, very lack luster. Both in Hero damage and Tower damage. At this point, it seems all a monk is good for is this Boost Aura, thens witching back to an apprentice.

Another issue is the daily "kill 3 specials" This is nearly impossible on anything other than a Huntress it seems. As you simply do not get kill credit, even if you solo the boss. Your towers must kill steal it as well? This should be changed to a group update. 

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been playing for only two days, but its a really entertaining game, I just think there should be an easier way to know which items are good before picking them up, besides having to pick up everything then having to check everything one by one :(


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My first impression is your grafic theme styling & your color management, Trendy Team. Your style looks similiar to the most famous titles from last 10 years. Also the animation keyframes and how your build up the atmosphere with SFX & VGM is a really great mix. Some settings remembers me to Overlord, another more to Warcraft, next I guessed Im in League of Legends. Really nice!

You also had changed a bit the rules of the classic Tower Defense genre. The Enemies will attack, also when their way is not blocked. You mixed a bit of RPG Type awesome features into the character building. On the other side are the enemies a bit low at the moment, but hey its Alpha! Im really excited about what the game will look and playing like when the Beta stays before.

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I've been playing DD2 for about a month and a half now. And I've never played DD1 (but people say they are almost nothing alike). My first impressions are that I never play a tower defense game for so long but the loot system is what kept me returning back to the game. I'm into RPG games so I enjoy the grind for better loot a lot and this game combines this feature with the tower defense so nicely that DD2 acquired a niche place in my favorite games. 

I like the fact that you have to combine at least couple of different character skills/defenses to do the map and you are able to do it in a team just as fine as in a solo play. I grinded my way up to NM3 so far. Getting upgrades for my gear started to slow down but it still is just as enjoyable as before. Only problem is that it seems to be important to have a dps character active at this point which makes it harder to find gear for other characters. I prefer to do it in a party so that I can switch to non-dps char. The problem with this is that it discourages solo play (which is kinda fine with me) and requires me to find players who are able to do NM3 (which is not an easy task).

I like the fact that devs are trying to increase the build diversity over time. It may be harder to deal with for a solo player but I think overall it is the best thing about the game. More build diversity will make players feel more individual and special and be more creative about how to gear up for their chars. I really hope that there will be more new types of gear or mods on them coming in the future for creative builds.

I have few concerns about some parts of the game but overall I'm liking it a lot. I feel like pets need to be made more influential than they are right now. It feels like pets are not very active in the combat and most of their benefit is the extra stats on the hero.  At the same time they are really hard to evolve and I haven't evolved any pet twice yet. They seem to be bugged since I used pet rerolls couple of times without any result (the changes didn't apply to the stats). The evolved pet looks same as the original one. It would be nice to have a different look for evolved versions but it seems that those were made for upper rarity versions of the pet instead. Pet special attack doesn't look like anything special and doesn't seem to be doing a lot of damage either. Same thing applies to left mouse click ability. It seems that it's useless for all chars. 

Also, it would be nice to have more "parkour-like" things in maps for the times when you don't want to alt-tab or afk instead while you are waiting for others to finish building defenses or killing last monsters. But I guess this is too much to ask at this stage.

Overall the game has it's art-style and is enjoyable to play. Most importantly, it has the right F2P model!

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The games is pretty good just like DD1 but the problem i don't know if someone's having it too but i can't enter on any server whenever i click on play it says that there's no servers all the time is there something i need to do to play  ? 

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I'm loving the game, but it would be nice if there was some sort of Trap or something else to help new players defeat Betsy on their first run through.

The Betsy level throws far too much new mechanics at new players, with the cursed areas, and then the actual boss fight that doesn't take place in a lane, and how she gets free attacks on the eggs.

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You seriously want my first impression? Is there a censor filter on this forum, incase there's kids around? Cause holy sh*t this game kicks so much a** it's ridiculous. Huntress all-the-way everyone knows that by now! Would love a DPS meter for matches but hey I bet it'll come sooner or later.

My best moment so far was on an incursion when a boss spawned I think it had like 800k HP or something like that, it spawned on my lane and I killed it super quick before my team mates could get to it and they asked " Wth, where did it go?" , I said, "I guess it took my arrowOP to it's knee." Honestly, this game is so addictive and so fun and can't wait to see what else get's implemented. Can see great things for this grasshoppa.

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Just joined the open alpha. Played DD1 a lot and loved it. Here is my feedback after playing the first 5 or so levels:

Good things:

  • Awesome graphics and level design,
  • Nice tavern overall. I like the social aspects of it (though not so important at the moment, I think this will be a nice feature once things calms down a bit).
  • Great controls and UIs in general (unlike in DD1 where both were quite bad in my opinion),
  • Relatively good performance with low graphics settings,
  • Nice polish overall,
  • Seems like there is a lot of maps already. Nice!
  • Free-to-play is nice for a casual co-op game like this. Makes it easy to play with friends.
Bad tings / suggestions for improvement:
  • Way too much loot. 1-2 bags full of loot after a mission is so tiresome to look though. Its more like a tedious task than the exciting experience I expected it to be.
  • Your hero levels too fast. Like with items, the amount causes dilution of the percieved value. It doesn't feel special obtaining 10-20 levels just by playing a few very easy maps.
  • Easy difficulty is boringly easy. Normal difficulty likewise. I don't think I ever lost a tower. My deaths have been limited to trying to solo bosses as squire (just to find some challenge) and jumping into the void.
  • Maps are quite short.
  • So few skills and towers. I miss the variety from DD1 (which you seem to have taken a lot of nice things from). Can you unlock alternative ones later on?
  • Relatively bad performance with high graphics settings.
  • The inventory screen is a little confusing and lags slightly when opened.
  • The up/down thumbs on items are completely wrong at times when you look at the actual numbers.
  • The item passives (at least on the low levels where I am at now) are mostly boring and repetitive. I would rather that most of them were removed and replaced by a few rare and powerful ones.
  • Endless number of error pop-ups, lag and other issues when the servers are overloaded.
  • Tavern unlocks feel a little too "streamlined", and most of them feels somewhat useless.
  • The stat system is very confusing. Lots of arbitrary numbers that you have no way to compare. Some stat points increase the value by 1 and some by 20-30. Some change when you put more points in them. And this small annoyance: The "add point" buttons always appear clickable even when you do not have any points available.
  • It seems like you took a lot of nice things from the Orcs Must Die games and added to the concept from DD1. You should take more, now you are at it! More skills, more towers, meaningful skill/tower upgrades (no, adding a few percent to range, damage or speed doesn't count!), ...
*phew*, I think this was enough for now. Overall I think you are doing pretty good considering an "alpha" version. Still some way to go though :).

Bonus complaint:
  • I just lost this gigantic wall-of-text when I clicked reply because I had to create an account. After account creation, I was not returned to my post and it was gone when I clicked back in my browser. Thankfully, i had it copy-pasted to the clipboard because I suspected something like this. Why do you even show a reply form for new people without an account if you throw it all away when they click reply? *doh*

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Hey there, I have been playing the game for some days and i just hit lvl 50 so i figured I share my thoughts on the game so far. Also excuse me for my English, it's not my native language.

About options:

  • The game started in windowed mode for the first time.
  •  It would be good to have a desktop cursor sensitivity option.
  • I know it's in alpha so i guess you guys had no time or resource to optimize the game yet and my comp is quite bad so it lags on low texture quality. My specs: ati 1gb ddr5 vga, dual core 2.8ghz processor, 4gb memory.
  • The UI scale is at maximum but it's hard to see how much defense unit point or whatever you are able to spend, in game on the right side under the minimap.
  • The default button resets every option not just the currently opened tab, so if I want to mess with the key bindings for example and I want to reset it everything resets.


  • The slider sometimes bugs up and no matter where i slide it, it goes back to where it used to be , after i click where it can slide then it works again.
  • Too many stuffs drops so the inventory space is not really enought. Pet eggs, pet food, pet vials and stuff takes up a large portion of space.
  • The in game auto collect warning sometimes doesn't even warn me before my inventory goes 100% because of the amount of stuff drops.(i have 2 auto collect bags)
  • I could not figure out what the sort by hero does exactly.


  • Legendary items doesn't feel like they are legendaries. A bit higher ipwr blue or purple item can easily be better.
  • Crit damage rolls feel unrewarding because the base crit is 3% so I treated it as nonexistent.


  • I'm lvl 50 still didn't evolve a pet up because shellium shards. I Had to look after how to get them so now like a full bag of eggs are rotting taking the space and I have no clue how many shards I'm gonna get.


I started the game out with a monk but after playing with others in quick match I figured that it's not going to get easy to get max lvl with him because he has only traps no blockades or air unit defense atleast until lvl 20. So i started a squire i went through the whole campaign mostly solo, the quick match making imo is so bad that i couldn't play with that. I think a system that first collects 4 people and then starts a game with them would be better than just randomly throws you into one that's started already and you can't build anything or struggle to get crystals to build. Atleast that's what i experienced, when I went into a  quickmatch it was always already started. So after I finished the campaign i went to normal dif but it was too easy so i jumped to hard right after 1 game. I got the gear, i was still like lvl 25-26 so I grinded until I was able to wear them lvl 37-38, then got some quest done until lvl 40, it was alright until that point. After lvl 40 the game was just a big grind with no objectives and no small goals you can reach on hard mode that is easy with lvl 38 gear so no challenge aswell. Overall the campaign is cool and you get like lvl 20 -25 with it and it's also done quite quickly but after that the game slows down too much imo so it's a struggle to hit 50 with the first character. Also I did it in a couple of days so i couldn't really use the daily exp bonus, maybe that was my biggest problem.

An other thing, when i started out a lot of intros came in with the enemies and stuff, so i probably afked a lot  watching those and trying to get the information and my team tried to defend while i was doing that. Well that was one game only but i may ruined that, i don't really remember :D after i watched it there were no1 but a wave coming in and some left over defenses by others.

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