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Suggestion: Drop every thing you are doing and Please fix ogres and walls....

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Oke so this new patch looks epic! My blockades got a lot bigger so I was really hopeful that there would be no more mob leakage. Unfortunately I haven't been able to complete a single nm3 map solo since the patch. As a matter of fact, I was struggeling before the patch as well even tho my gear is well over the required ipwr.

So here is what is messing me up,on every map I play, either in wave 3-5-7 ogres push each other over your blockades, you basically can only complete maps that have no combined lanes, 2 ogres in 1 lane pretty much guarantees one getting pushed over.

Skeletons: apparently the little healer dudes can spawn skeletons from the other side of the map on my crystal or behind my blockades and they just walk to my crystal. O yeah and the skeleton kills in the montly, really the pet affection thing wasn't horrible enough, now I also have to deal with RNG? its the 10th of the month and I got a whooping 12 skeletons!

Leakage: Oke so every 3-5-7th wave ogres get pushed over, but in all the other waves small mobs get pushed over by larger mobs this happens a lot when you use frosttowers, and since thats the meta (there isn't rly any choice) every one must be having these same problems.

I try to not let this stuff get to me, but losing on a map that you completed with ease like 30 times before due to random stuff over and over again just takes its toll. I guess this turned into a rant more than a suggestion, for wich I'm sorry. But for a game with this potential and apperently the resources to change its gameplay drastically pretty much every month game breaking buggs like these should have been addressed long before we went from pre alpha to alpha, wall leakage has been in this game pretty much from the start and what good is a tower defense game where the mobs just appear to randomly ignore your towers.....

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