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Hello everyone,

Me again with another auction.

Usual rules. 

1:6   5/10/15  Lab:1:12

If you want an IC go an get it :)

There is a reserve on the Vapor gun and the Chain helmet!


Vapor Gun: LiquidLuck 5cv

Aqua Lance: Caimen 5cv

Birdy: LiquidLuck 2cv

Cat: Deathdealer1877 2cv

Helm: Taken out of the auction!

Clava: AcePoe97 2cv

Here is a direct link for those who cannot see Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/Z4Vdy




End results

Upgrades left 1

Boost intensity 205

Boost range 90

Number of heroes to boost 4

Hero damage 225

Hero health 132



Good Luck :)

P.S. Darude Sandstor.... uhhh Liquid Luck bought out a ++ Clava tdmg capping before the auction even started :P

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