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[WTA] Too Many Armors! (Ult+, Ult)

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Hello and welcome to another Person Man auction. Today on the chopping block, we have over a dozen pieces of armor! Quick disclaimer, some of these have been auctioned before, but they were never picked up! What a shame! I can't find the post they were auctioned in, but if someone has it and wants to claim their prize, they have till the end of the auction to do so.

Most items are either farmed by me, or were checked when I bought them. If a checker runs into something fishy, let me know. I don't like fishy things, unless they're in bowls.

My usual rules apply. Don't be a jerk, don't snipe bid, don't use increments that are dumb. If you're rude on my auction, or are believed by the community at large to be a hacker, I can refuse to take your bids. That's the way the data dishes.

Currencies accepted are Lab Runs (Up to 50 per person. I don't need another person owing me enormous amounts of runs.), Cubes, Coal, Diamonds at the usual rate, and especially event items. If you see multiple items you want, I will consider a buyout or can discuss price-splitting using your item. B/O for the whole auction is a traceable Earth or Isom, as always. I'm looking at you, deathdealer. ;3

Items that do not meet a hidden reserve will not be sold. Sorry.

Without further ado, the auction!






























+1: 5 Cubes - Nickerson

+2: 5 cubes - Nickkie

+3: 4 cubes - Nickkiebobicckie

U1:  15 cubes - Nicknak

U2: 5 cubes - Mr Chili



U5: 10 cubes - Blue Moon, I saw you standing alone.

U6: 5 cubes - The Real Map Book

U7: 20 cubes - He ran and randy, but he got nowhere.

U8: 17 cubes - Goodbye Moon, I'll see you next June.

U9: 1 cube - My Chili


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Ok, lemme be the first one to throw away some currency.

336^ chain helmet 5 Cv

411^ Mail gloves 5 Cv

298^ Pristine gloves 5 Cv

And finally on goats for a living 5 Cv

will most likely be paid in diamonds and 50 lab runs

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i am not able to see any of the pictures

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Same here. I could see the pictures this morning though 

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I see +2, U3 and U10 are not bid on. Those items interest me. In fact, anything that can go up to 500 in T Attack and has all 4 T Stats would. I don't get such nice stuff from my Labs. ;]

However all I can offer are Lab Runs, being a poor player. This being my first post and all, I'd understand you'd refuse my offer. Worst is I'm not the fastest runner and get around 15 runs/hour done or so.I can however go for hooouuurs eeeaaach day. =] 50 runs/day is something I can pay easy. Could most likely do 100/day.

If you'd be willing to give me a chance, I'll take whatever's left.

Thanks for considering. ;P

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