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PS4 Defenders, or Should I say PS3 defenders? WELCOME BACK!

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It's been a long and rough time for some of us but tomorrow we will more than likely all run into each other someway or somehow in this amazing game. I've glad to have been testing this on the PC for the longest time on the Defense Council and even more excited to see how the improvements and the game feel on the PS4. I just wanted to make this post as I know some of you I played with before I no longer have added due to me parting away when the PS3 was dying and also just not being able to play with you. So with this post I would like to say please add me now and let's have some fun tomorrow! I hope a few of you still rummage around these forums but lets see..






and a lot more to name..

Bpuginator is my PS4 name and I look forward to doing videos with you and more!

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