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Upcoming patch notes

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A while back I suggested that the Devs have a permanent sticky thread in their patch notes section that includes all of the potential patch notes (including the not finalized ones) for the next upcoming patch. This idea got a reasonable amount of support, and one of the devs (I think it was pmasher) said that he would suggest it to the dev team. Despite this, nothing came of it.

It would be really nice (especially while this game is early access) to be able to see the potential patch notes and be able to discuss the upcoming changes and whether or not they will be beneficial or if they could be improved.

My suggestion is that you guys put up 2 sticky threads in the patch notes section, one for the upcoming patch notes (which will convert to the patch notes once the patch is released and shouldn't allow any replies) and one for players to discuss the changes and potentially suggest things that could improve upon them (which will be turned into a new thread or reset every time a new patch is applied)

Ideally I would like to see even the most tentative changes (ones that are likely to be changed or potentially wont be put into the patch) just so we can tell what the devs are thinking. This kind of transparency will make a whole bunch of us love you guys even more, and it will also make it far more interesting for those of us who bought this game specifically so that we can see and impact on the development of the game.

TL:DR - Add a permanent upcoming patch notes thread!

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